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AUDIOBOOK RELEASE SCHEDULE (dates are subject to change)
Risk - AUGUST 16, 2016

RISK Mageri World Novel (August 16, 2016) 

Get ready for more Simon Hunt
Yes, it's happening. You'll see more of Simon Hunt in this Mageri side novel.

WINTER MOON: Seven Series Novella

A special bonus book for the Seven series is coming your way this holiday season!

THE GIFT: Mageri Series Novella 
 A special bonus book for the Mageri series is coming your way this holiday season!

This book was written in 2010 but has since required a major overhaul. The "Book Purple" is simply a color reference I use for my untitled WIPs so I have something to refer to it by. It is not the series name nor book name. Christian Poe will appear in this series as one of the primary characters.

 Urban Fantasy Romance Series. As for the level of romance, I still have to write it. It's an exciting concept and read with a dynamic cast. ;-)

Book release date undetermined. ADD TO YOUR GOODREADS BOOKSHELF HERE


I have written a number of completed novels and series books, and most of them take place in the same "Mageri Universe", meaning the same Breeds and world building. Some are urban fantasy, others are paranormal romance. Each book is in first draft form and will require heavy revisions (and edits) prior to publication.

I cannot divulge the details of the following books, nor the timeline of which will come next (if at all). I've labeled by color. No reason, it's just easy to call it something. I can't promise if all of these will get published. There are other books I'm working on or may have written that are not included on this list. I just want to give readers reassurance that so long as I have your support, I'm not going anywhere.

Urban Fantasy Romance - This book has Chitahs (A unique Breed created by Dannika Dark)
Book 1 - Written (Draft 1)
Book 2 - Written (Draft 1)
Book 3 - Written (Draft 1)
Book 4 - Written (Draft 1)

Urban Fantasy Romance - This book has Shifters (among others)
Book 1 - Written (Draft 1)
Book 2 - Written (Draft 1)
Book 3 - Required. This series will need continuing books to come to a final conclusion.

Paranormal (Romance?)
Book 1 - Written (Draft 1)
Book 2 - Written (Draft 1)
Book 3 + - Required.
This series ripped out my heart and pulverized it. Series Green caused me to stop writing, back away, and begin publishing for real. It has the potential of becoming my all-time favorite series based on the characters and the storyline. But that's just my cup of tea. ;-)

Paranormal Romance
Book 1 - Written (Draft 1)
Stand-alone book. 
Breed: Gemini (Unique Breed created by Dannika Dark of the Mageri Series)

Paranormal Romance
Book 1 - Written (Draft 1)
Spinoff book focusing around a character in Series Red.
Stand-alone book.

Contemporary Romance.
Incomplete. 30,000 words written.

Been dabbling on this one for a while. I'm a firm believer that some books simply need to marinate before the story blends and becomes a delicious meal.

Or a pot roast. Either way, I already have a working title, but I'm keeping that to myself.

Romance thriller?
45K words.
Just an idea I'm penning and we'll see where it goes.

There are a few other books I've penned out some chapters on, as well as stories in my head. Sometimes I go for the shiny new things. (The Seven series was a shiny thing). Regardless, the story has to inspire me for it to be worth publishing. Not enough hours in the day...

To see a full list of completed books, please head over to my DANNIKA DARK BOOKS page.