Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Title Reveal

The official title reveal for Crossbreed book 4

I'm truly humbled by all the support for this series, and continue to receive emails on a near-daily basis from existing and new readers to my books. 

The most common question is when will this book be released. I am currently working hard on revisions, and it's important that I not rush a story to release and it go through all the proper stages of edits. Once I have a firm or even tentative release date, it will probably be announced with the cover reveal, as I do with all my books. :-)

If you haven't started this series, begin the mystery with KEYSTONE. If you've all done, but you haven't checked out my other books, you could be missing out on some awesome stories that take place in the same universe and overlap in some places. Christian also appeared in the Mageri series, so I'd recommend starting there and moving to the Seven series if you want to appreciate all the surprises as they were meant to be experienced.

Happy reading!


  1. I have read all the Mageri series, Seven series, and nipping at the heals of every release date with the Keystone series. As a mother of two I am overflowing with patience but it seems like they take forever (even tho I know they don’t)to come out. I check and recheck after I’m done with what a call “filler books” to see if I might have missed a just released e-mail. I absolutely luv all ur books! Thank you for sharing you talent with us all!

  2. Can't wait for the fourth in the series. I've read every book you've written, some twice. You write such amazing stories that it blows me away to be so talented. How to even begin to get such great ideas and to put them all in these stories still stuns me. I love to be taken away, so I try so hard to make them last. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much, ladies. And happy reading :)

  4. I have read all your books and this series lives up to expectations. Just finished the third book and can't wait for numer 4. I hope the release date is soon as I'm in the Crossbreed zone and don't want to read anything else.By the way, love the picture of Christian, it fits perfectly with the character you have created.

  5. Read all your books! Huge fan! Can't wait for book 4 and Lakota story

  6. I have listen to all your books on audio but Keystone has to be my favorite. Not only is the story interesting and the narration excellent but it’s so funny. I catch myself laughing out loud the whole way through the book. The great storyline is wonderful but the bantering back-and-forth between the two main characters is awesome thank you so much. Can’t wait for book for