Friday, June 3, 2016


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Risk by Dannika Dark


by Dannika Dark

Giveaway ends August 28, 2016.
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RISK will be published on August 16, including audio. Be sure you've SIGNED UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER! I always send out the announcement and purchase links so you don't have to keep track. Just be sure to read all the signup info carefully; I have tips on how to prevent newsletters from going to your spam folders.

I often have readers interested in my books and aren't sure where to start. Each series can be read independently of one another. However, there is a "surprise" crossover that happens in one, so for that reason, if you want the full enjoyment, read the Mageri series first. You can always check out my suggested "chronological" order of reading HERE.  However, if you just want to read about Shifters, then check out the Seven series. You do have to read the series in order. HERE are the books listed in order by series.  I will just say not to exclude the Mageri series because you don't think it has romance. Oh, it has romance. I've had a ton of readers who said they weren't sure they'd like a book about a Mage, but I write them differently than anything you've read. They're NOT wizards or magicians.

Be sure to bookmark this website and also check out the other pages on the menu. My WIP page shows a list of upcoming projects.

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  1. I am excited the new book RISK to be released in August! I have five authors I would pre buy if they were just writing their interpretation of a phone book! Ms Dark is one of those authors. If you have not read her books, go treat yourself.