Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Closer Audiobook is now Live!

I'm excited to announce that Closer is now available in audio! This book can be read independently of the Mageri series and is an unconventional love story that follows two strangers who form a link through a tragic set of circumstances. Time is running out for one of them, but the only way to save her life is to break the link.


A RIVETING PARANORMAL ROMANCE from USA Today Bestselling author, Dannika Dark.
Time is running out...

Kane never believed in things like fate or karma. Not until the night he took a life.

A secret society of immortals lives within the human world. Kane is one of them--a Sensor who experiences emotional energy through touch. But despite his good looks and easy-going personality, Kane lives a solitary life. Unlike other Sensors, he is unnaturally hypersensitive.

Touch brings pain.

Fate throws a curveball when a woman's life is placed in his hands. Kane is suddenly faced with making a choice, and each comes with a consequence that will wreck him forever. Time is not on his side.

Will she be his salvation, or his ruination?

Also available in ebook and paperback formats:


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