Friday, July 24, 2015

Next Project

Sometimes things don't always go as planned.

In fact, that's exactly how the Mageri series came to be. If it wasn't for that Vampire novel that was a disaster, I wouldn't have had material to extract ideas from for the Mageri world.

Over the past year, I've had in my head what my next project would be after the Seven Series ends. It's one of the books I've already written. But see, I sat down and went through the first book, realizing that as much as I loved this story, maybe it wasn't ready. It was going to need a lot of revamping, but I knew the series tied together in a fantastic way.

Discouraged that I wasn't feeling that excitement I should feel at the very beginning of a series, I picked up one of my stand-alones that I never made into a series. It was a problem child back in 2010, and it seemed to have no direction. Maybe it just needed to marinate for five years. I can't tell you how excited I was re-reading it all over again, and all the ideas i"ve gotten for future storylines.

Seven pages' worth, people.

I'm currently developing the first draft by doing a massive overhaul. Basically that meant 2/3 of the book had to be cut out for future storylines, and only 1/3 was going to be used. I'm currently writing the rest of it, and detailing a lot of things for this series. There are going to be breadcrumbs for major revelations placed in every single book - something readers will not even connect until they do a re-read (or have a photographic memory). So in the same vein as the Mageri series, you will get complex stories and plots that overlap.

I've mentioned before how important both readers are to me, because I have those who are devoted to the Urban Fantasy books and others to the Paranormal Romance. I'm going to write for everyone, and those who read all my books not only get the extra nuggets of crossovers, but you understand that while the POV and flow may differ between the series, the underlying sentiment is the same. Readers still get everything, just in different doses. There are loveable characters with layers, plot twists, villains, friendships, love stories, and magic.

The new series is a little darker, but still has all the humor you would expect from a Dannika Dark novel. This series will feature a number of Breeds, like the Mageri series, and focus on one POV from a leading protagonist in 1st person throughout the series. But I adore the secondary stories, so yes, you're going to get third person viewpoints like I do in all my books (unless I decide to pack those into novellas). We'll see.

I hope you're excited for new adventures! This one will take place in Cognito (please don't ask about Mageri characters as this is a new series), and is filled with action and mystery. There's also a new Breed in here we'll learn about. And Mageri fans, get excited, because Christian Poe will be one of the leading characters.


It will take some time to get this book and series ready for publication. I'm very much a character writer, and many of you know that no matter which series, I've taken great care in crafting these people to life. That won't change, and I can't wait for readers to fall in love for the first time with some of these new people.

Until then, you have plenty to look forward to, including TWO MINUTES (ebook and audio), A SEVEN WORLD NOVEL (Ebook and audio), ONE SECOND (Ebook and audio), and A MAGERI WORLD NOVEL (Ebook - spinoff stand-alone)

The "world" novels above are spinoffs of characters in that series, and can be read as a stand-alone. I'll release information on their title at a later date. :)

Happy reading!