Monday, June 15, 2015

Audio Book Lovin month

There's some book loving going on by Viviana, Enchantress of books and Books-n-Kisses that you can follow every day for new posts that spotlight audiobooks, authors, narrators, guest posts, and interviews. It's fun stuff, so check it out!

Today's post is with Nicole Poole, the amazingly talented and witty lady who has narrated the Mageri and Seven series. You can visit my audio page to check out the samples of all books, and audio is really something everyone can enjoy. It allows you to not only hear a story in a brand new way that gives it dimension, but can also be convenient for those who have a busy life and reading isn't an option. Whether you're cooking, working out, shopping, running errands, or even at work, Audiobooks immerse you in amazing stories.

So go check out the interview and giveaway, and be sure to look at previous posts on the website as well as check in for new updates each day this month!



This link should also allow you to catch up on posts by author/narrator

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  1. OMG! I just read the new info and thank goodness I was sitting in my living room because I actually screamed out loud with joy and did a happy dance that you will be doing a series about Christian Poe! As per usual I CAN NOT, love, love your books and sorry, no offense, but you just can't write them fast enough for me, ( I know, genius takes time to stew) so I guess I'll just have to do as suggested and reread them again. waiting patiently (not so much)haha