Saturday, February 14, 2015

What's Next?

So I had a really good question come up from a reader who wanted to know: "After the Seven Series ends, do you plan on writing another series that follows one character like you did with Silver?"

The short answer is yes.

I thought it would be a good time to talk about my plans. Although they haven't been a secret, some of you are new reading/following me and might not be aware.

THE MAGERI SERIES centers around one main character, and we follow her journey through each book in the series. This is an urban fantasy romance.

THE SEVEN SERIES centers around one main character in each book, which changes through the series. The overall story, however, involves the same characters who live in the same pack or are in the same city. This is a paranormal romance.

Even though the Mageri Series has developing romance, I consider it urban fantasy because of the theme and the fact I could have easily written the story without all the romance. There's enough plot and worldbuilding going on there that it would work. The Seven Series falls under the umbrella of paranormal romance because the intention is for there to be a coupling and HEA. It wouldn't work without the romance.

Because of the differences, there are readers who prefer one over the other. Thankfully, so many of you love both, just in different ways. I love that I can develop a crossover here and there, and that they all take place in the same familiar world. But I'm very aware I have readers on both sides of the fence, and because I enjoy writing in both genres, I want to be able to supply wonderful stories to each of those readers.

I'm currently working towards wrapping up the Seven series, a side Seven world novel, and then a Mageri world novel. My next big project after that will likely be urban fantasy.

I cannot speak to how much romance might (or might not) exist in this series, only that it will center around one main character through each book. I'm fairly certain you can count on there being a degree of romance, but it's much too early for me to even think about that since the books need to be heavily developed. I hope readers refrain from comparing future books to my past books. They will all take place in the same world, but they will stand on their own. I want to give readers new experiences, new characters, and new adventures. I have a couple of already-written (and unfinished) series' in mind, but I need to get through what's currently on my plate before I'm at the point where I can move forward with decisions on where I'm going next.

Lots of readers want to know if I'll have more crossovers. Maybe. Same world, but I can't write a book about everyone, and I have to be very careful that the crossovers are necessary, because as I continue to write in this world, those appearances and timelines become extremely complex and could come back to bite me. Documenting all the important facts in each book and for each character is very tedious, and it's important to me that I don't end up writing myself in a corner. Popular series authors talk about these errors all the time, and it's something many have done. We're human.

I also plan on writing more paranormal romance, so I hope you all stick around and stay on my mailing list for updates.

This might also be a time to mention that the Seven series is not going to be predictable. I think readers are having fun plotting and planning who is next and what's going to happen, but don't get too comfortable. This story took on a life of its own, and I had to stay true to it. I absolutely love where it went, and hope readers have that same feeling when they complete all the books. I wrapped up the Mageri series in the best way for that story, and writing an epilogue on every character might have been cheating you (and myself) out of a possible opportunity to learn more in other books, as we recently found out in Four Days. But I pushed suggestions at the end that were obvious, and I want readers to walk away imagining the characters are still living their lives, with a good guess as to what happened. Christian was probably the only real question mark, and the reason being his place was never with Silver. He is on a journey of his own, and he's one character I hope to revive in the future.

 I'm so grateful for everyone who continually wants more and who has expressed how much this series has meant to them. It means I did my job at bringing these characters to life in a way that's left a lasting impression. They've become friends - someone you can't easily say goodbye to, so you revisit them often on re-reads.

I get asked a lot on whether I'll write more Mageri books. As I stated at the end of Shine, it was the end of Silver's journey. I hope you'll forgive me if I don't answer everyone who asks this question. Spinoffs are possible, crossovers are possible, but I can't promise anything. I can only map out my plans a year ahead, so let's just see where the journey takes us.


  1. I've read all your books so far. The Mageri series more than once (and even got my friend hooked on them too!)
    I love your writing style and can't wait to read more.

    I was just looking at your WIP and wondered if the Seven series started out as a colour? And if the works you mentioned above are a colour also?
    I read your WIP a while ago (before Seven series) and have been eagerly waiting for them to come out :)

    1. Hi Tink,

      So glad you're enjoying the books! The Seven series was originally Book White. My notes doc is still entitled "Book White Bios". :-) Most of my already-written books are untitled, so I wanted to show readers what I have stuffed away and gave them placeholder names. I hope to revise/publish all, but it will largely depend on the review process. I'm also getting new ideas constantly, so I'm just publishing whatever my heart is into, whether that's a new or existing book.

  2. I absolutely love your books. You have a wonderful talent and a devoted reader! Can't wait to see what the future holds.

  3. My husband and I drive over the road and listening to your audio books make my day!!! I love that the same narrator is used for the Seven series and the Mageri series...I absolutely hate when the story ends! Lol