Wednesday, November 12, 2014


It's been a while since I've posted an update, and I know not everyone who reads my website follows me on Facebook.

So, here are some updates!

FOUR DAYS COVER REVEAL: Coming Nov 19 - next Wednesday! However, those who are signed up for my newsletter will see it and read the synopsis before everyone else. So be sure you are signed up HERE.

FOUR DAYS RELEASE DATE: Coming December 16. Just a reminder for anyone who missed the announcement last month. Those on my newsletter will receive direct links emailed right to your inbox! Reviews posted mean so, so much, and I hope you take a second to support Four Days by writing a review. :)

NEWSLETTER REMINDER: I say this a lot, but sometimes my updates might end up in your spam/promotional folders. When you sign up (or locate a previous newsletter), add the email address in the FROM field to your whitelist (address book/contact list). Check your spam folders (you might need to locate them under another sub folder) regularly. If my mail ever ends up there, move it to your inbox before deleting so you can tell your email system not to do that again. :) I have no control over what your mail server might do with my mail, so I'm just offering some tips!

GIVEAWAYS: I'll be hosting giveaways on my Facebook page (and possibly newsletter) throughout this winter. This is just my way of saying thanks, having fun, and sharing swag with true fans of these books.

WHAT I'M WORKING ON: I'm currently writing the first draft of another Seven Series novel. I'm also doing edits on other projects as well. My current goal is to work on a Mageri world novel for my next project, and what you can expect from me after the Seven series is an urban fantasy romance (Similar to what you've come to love about the Mageri series). I have Mageri fans and Seven fans, and I hope each will give my other books a chance. You might be surprised at what you're missing out on and how these worlds overlap. But I do tend to write both paranormal romance and urban fantasy to make sure all my readers are happy. :-)

SEVEN YEARS AUDIOBOOK: Seven Years is now available in audiobook on Tantor, Audible, Amazon and elsewhere. A lot of fans (including those who never listened to audiobooks before) are having fun experiencing the Mageri and Seven series books for the first time all over again through audio. Compare prices and check them out! Six Months and Five Weeks will be released this year (Check out my WIP page for the dates)

I may be missing some other news, but that's all that springs to mind at the moment. I've been very busy with ongoing projects, as well as breaking in a new laptop.

Stay warm!


  1. Super excited about all the upcoming events and swag. Thanks Dannika for everything you freakin ROCK! !!!

  2. Love both of your series, though I like the style of the slow burn romance and side characters in Mageri series more. I just finished reading all of your works in one week (they were that good). The relationship foreshadowing in both series is beautiful and subtle. It makes the eventual romances of the side characters more believable and less whirwind romance.