Monday, September 8, 2014

September Updates

Just to keep those in the loop who have not signed up for my newsletter or follow me on Facebook:

I will be partnering with Tantor once again, this time to bring the Seven series to audiobook.  Once I have information on dates and so forth, I'll let you know. Great fun for existing fans, but also an excellent reach to those who prefer books in audio format.

I have sent a tentative release date for FOUR DAYS. Dec 16th is the target date, so mark your calendars! If anything changes, I'll be sure to post, but fingers crossed everything is good to go.

You will learn more about Four Days once I reveal the cover and have a synopsis for you. This includes who the book centers on. The suspense makes it half the fun.

I have also partnered with Amazon Crossing for the German translation of Sterling. German-speaking fans, get ready. Silbermagier releases on Sept. 16

You can purchase your copy on all Amazon language sites where books are sold.

There are more fun projects in the pipeline, so keep a lookout!

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