Wednesday, September 3, 2014


It's been a busy year, but especially lately. I have a few fun announcements coming soon that readers will enjoy for different reasons.  I'm hoping to nail down a release date for "Four Days", and I've got my first cover mock-up design. It still has several steps to complete before it's ready for publication, so hope you guys are as eager as I am for its release.

The German edition of Sterling is coming out this month (Silbermagier) so German readers, look for that.

Christmas is coming, and a great time to start putting things on your wishlist (or buying for others). I hope you keep my books in mind, as well as the audiobooks. They're amazingly fun to listen to. You can also look up "Mageri" on for my store and pick up some Seven Series and Mageri series swag. The coffee cups are always a great thing to have around (don't even ask how many I've acquired).

This week will mark my third year in publishing, and it's been a crazy adventure. So many changes have taken place in publishing. I never thought I'd be happy working 100+ hours a week at any job, but it really takes that kind of dedication to get anywhere, and I'm fortune that I happen to love what I do. Anyhow, I'm thinking about a contest of some kind, so just be on the lookout either here or Facebook.

Just a quick update to let you know I'm working hard to get more books into your hands! Thanks to everyone who continues posting reviews, sending me messages and e-mails, and recommends to friends. That kind of support is invaluable to me. <3


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