Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Release day!

Today is release day for GRAVITY (Mageri Series: Book 4) in Audio! Be sure to snag your copy - it's also on whispersync! That means if you have an Audible account, you can get it for under $4. Otherwise, shop around for the best prices and the retailers you prefer. :-)

AUDIOBOOK (Tantor Media) CDs and download
download (also on whispersync)

CDs and download through Audible 

You can go to Tantor media or Audible and listen to samples of any of the books. It's been amazing to experience the series through narration, and I hope you have the chance to relive the Mageri series through audiobooks.

Today is also the official release day for FIVE WEEKS (SEVEN SERIES #3). It went live early yesterday, so if you didn't get your copy, here are the links!

AMAZON (US)   |  AMAZON (UK)  | 


  1. So happy ! I saw the e mail alert as soon as I got to my office and set a new record ( at least in my mind ) for a Kindle download ! It's turning out to be a perfect week thus far...your new book and "Sarknado..The Second One". Yes. sadly , I freely admit to being one of those nerds who loves Sci Fi B movies.. I must miss Saturday afternoon movies on base..

    Waving from Houston .