Monday, July 21, 2014

Mageri Series in Audio

Have you had the chance to discover the Mageri series in audio? Well now you can!

The CDs and audio downloads are available for purchase and pre-order. Mageri fans are buzzing with excitement as their favorite characters are brought to life through narration from Nicole Poole. Even those who have never experienced audiobooks are loving the opportunity to experience this series in a new way.

Laugh at Simon's witty lines, Christian's dark humor, and Silver's sarcasm. Swoon over Sunny and Knox, and fall in love with Logan all over again. So many readers have asked if the series will become a movie or TV series, and while that would be amazing (I won't lie), listening to a book in audio is a perfect substitute. This way you can sit back, close your eyes, and really enjoy the story while still getting to imagine the character's faces the way you want. :)

Anyone who is listening to them now, feel free to tell everyone why these rock out loud! Don't think I haven't seen all the Facebook chatter. <3

Titles and release dates below. Direct links to my publisher, Tantor Media. Sample audio also available:

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