Monday, June 23, 2014

Twist Audio release day

Today is audiobook release day for Twist!

You can download or purchase a CD copy at the following retailers, including Sterling (already available) Pre-order is also available for the remaining books in the series.

AMAZON Audible:
AUDIBLE (direct):
TANTOR (publisher):
BARNES & NOBLE (see dropdown options)

Reminder: Tantor is having a big 50% off sale for June only.

Readers have been sending me messages and emails on how much they are enjoying listening to the series on audio. Not just the convenience of being able to hear the book in your car or places you couldn't normally read (like at work?) but also reliving the series again, and often picking up a few nibbles of information that were hinted at in earlier books.

If you are an Audible fan, please help support these books by rating or writing a review. You can visit my WIP page for a full listing of release dates. Happy Monday!

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