Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Five Weeks coming in five more weeks!

It's almost here! Just five more weeks left until FIVE WEEKS (Seven Series #3) is out!


A blog tour is also in the works, so if you are a blogger who would like to participate, please let me know! I will also be posting a link to the sign-up form once that's available.

If you haven't started the Seven Series, this is a paranormal romance that has even drawn in readers who don't normally read paranormal books! There's a nice blend of "real life" with a group of brothers who just happen to be Shifters. Alphas, bikers, rock stars; there's a little of everything! These are all full-length novels (over 100,000 words), HEA, no cliffhangers. While they could be read as stand-alone, this is a connected series and reading them that way may not make as much sense since all the stories interconnect.


Currently available for Pre-Order on iTunes: HERE

Whether you are a blogger or a reader, please help spread the word on release day!
How can you support the series? Post a review on Amazon as soon as you're done reading!

In case you missed the excerpt, it's included on the Cover Reveal post HERE


Twist is now available on AUDIO. Check out Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible, and Tantor.
The rest of the series will be coming out this summer. Check out the DANNIKA DARK BOOKS link on my website menu for a release date listing.

I have also added a status bar to the right side of my website where you can track my progress with different projects for the activity listed directly below. The name of the project is within the tracker counter, and it's based on current word count/target (or completed) word count. Just a fun visual way for you to see what I'm up to.

I've been working hard, each day, long and incredibly crazy hours to get these projects moving. There's so much to be done aside from the writing part. So if you're a person who likes to work a few hours a day, this is not the job for you! lol

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  1. I can't wait. I love your books but this series his HOT!