Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bundle Makeover

The Mageri Series Boxed Set (1-3) has undergone a makeover. While the original image with  "almost kissing" was great, the image appears at the end of Twist, and I really wanted something that upon first glance, looked like a Mageri series book. I like many readers enjoy the first cover, however that has to do with it being a little sentimental. The new cover is designed to snag the attention of new readers.

Those who have the original bundle set will not lose their image.The price is still discounted, so anyone who hasn't yet made the plunge into the Mageri series will find there is a discount in purchasing books 1-3 in a bundle vs individually. It just depends on if you prefer to have them grouped or individually titled on your e-reader.

7/07 - IMPULSE audiobook
7/29 - FIVE WEEKS book release
7/29 - GRAVITY audiobook
8/12 - SHINE audiobook
August (tentative) - STERLING German edition

Audio pre-purchase available at retail sites.


If you've been glancing at the project tracker on the right side of my webpage, you'll see I've been busy writing my first draft of Two Minutes (Seven Series). I'm usually working on a couple of things at once, but the process of writing and publishing is not quick. While the first draft might be completed in July, it takes months and months of rewrites, edits, beta reads, editor, proofreads, etc. to get the book ready for publication. I don't believe in rushing a story, and I'll never just kick it out the door if I'm not completely satisfied. Typically I'll write the first draft and set it aside for a little while so I can go back in with a clear head.

I'm also working on a few things I can't discuss right now.

My betas throughout the Seven Series have been amazingly supportive and constructive with feedback, and I think you're really going to love this series. Each seems to wind up having a favorite character or book, although sometimes that might be each new book they That's always a good sign. It's been a fun and challenging series to write.

I plan on having a Sterling sale next month, so look for that.

Closer has been revised. I'm also going to schedule working on the cover, but my priority list is way too long since I need to close out the first draft and will have edits coming back to me very soon. So I don't have a date set on when that will happen (hopefully this summer), but I'm excited to finally be able to put Kane on my shelf. :)


  1. My husband was wondering if you'd ever release an actual physical book set. He doesn't read digital, and is wanting to buy the series.

    1. Hi Annie,

      Paperbacks are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble! They are not available in boxed set form, but the series can be purchased in full. You can also find links on my book page: