Saturday, March 22, 2014

Six Months Days Away

Six Months will SOON be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBooks (as well as paperback) on March 25. However, as always, there's a possibility it could go live the day before. :-)

There is no pre-order option available. Is life busy and you don't want to miss out on a new release? Sign up for my newsletter!Be sure to add my e-mail to your contact list, and always check your spam folders "just in case". Amazon also allows you to subscribe to authors on their author profile page, although you won't receive notification same day.

So get ready, Six Months is coming! Even more exciting is that I can't wait for Five Weeks (no release date set), and the first draft of Four Days is a story I'm so excited to write! I really appreciate those who support my writing through reviews, so don't be shy.

Mageri Projects
My closing note at the end of Shine was that I never shut doors all the way and there are possibilities, but I've made no promises! The series itself came to a fitting conclusion, and there is more of a likelihood of their being a "Mageri World" book (or books) that focus on characters in this series as separate stories. That means it won't be Silver's POV and likely won't be in 1st person. I am working on one now and it's made good progress, but I'm very loyal to these characters and won't publish anything I don't feel adds to this world. It wouldn't be fair to the characters or the readers. So keep your fingers crossed that the characters cooperate with me in this side project.

I know I'll have Seven fans who are going to feel the same way about these characters, and there are only seven books in this series.
Seven Years
Six Months
Five Weeks
Four Days
Three Hours
Two Minutes
One Second

And just as a follow-up, I've watched all the VIKINGS episodes. I'm completely addicted.
That is all.

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