Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's almost time!

For those subscribed to my newsletter, I sent one out today, so check your inbox. If it's not there, check your spam folders. I think gmail hides it elsewhere (not sure). You should make sure that the email address that newsletter comes from is added to your contact list so it goes to your inbox.

Please note that inactive subscribers are purged.

I'm so excited because I'm currently working on the second draft of book four and your minds are going to be blown. I'm anxious for these different characters to get their stories out and connect to readers. There's literally something for everyone.

In other news, I'm going to break down and order Amazon Prime so I can watch the new Vikings show. Well, not so new. When it first came out last year, I really wanted to see it, but don't have cable. I didn't realize the History channel lets you watch episodes online like some other networks do. Had I known....

So instead of watching season 2 and onward, I'm going back to the beginning. Seriously, I don't watch a whole lot of TV. It's hard for me to find a series that sucks me in and steals my soul (like LOST did for 10 years). Sons of Anarchy? It's too late now. I'm not going to watch ten seasons and watch the actors age. lol

This is actually up my alley since I love period pieces - something that takes me out of modern day. Plus, throw in some manly men and a few battles and I'm sold.

As I'm closing in on my second draft for FOUR DAYS (Seven Series #4), I'm really needing to take some time off. A few days, but ideally a week. I don't care about going anywhere at this time, but I just need to "reset". I've been working non-stop since last year in order to do some serious catch-up. So book binge and 1-click, here I come!

Although I need to stay away from 1-click; I have enough books on my Kindle and shelf at this time to get caught up on.

If you visit Facebook, swing by my author page and check out the new FAQ button beneath the Timeline cover. Click on it and ask a question. I'm trying to keep track of the most common questions here readers are asking so they can stay centralized in one place.

Time to get back to work!

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  1. I love my Amazon Prime. So many benefits. I watched 5 consecutive seasons of Sons of Anarchy and got introduced to Sherlock. Amazing shows and who doesn't like 2 day shipping!