Monday, February 3, 2014

Six Months Giveaway

If you want a chance to win an autographed copy of SIX MONTHS, you can enter the giveaway HERE. Please note the countries eligible; future giveaways on Facebook or my newsletter will be available to more readers.

Writing the Seven Series has been an interesting experience. April is in her early twenties, and it was a different writing experience to get into her head. In fact, it's one thing that's been keeping me on my toes.

Three beta readers so far have gotten back with me on Five Weeks and LOVE it. Yeah, hearts and flowers and all that. I'm currently writing Four Days and these characters are blowing my mind. There are a number of deadlines I'm targeting, so I have a lot going on right now between book releases, cover design, writing, and editing. I'm not kidding: I am currently juggling three projects.

For those who don't follow me on Facebook, Sterling will have an ad featured in the April issue of Sci Fi magazine. I received a copy and yeah, it's tres cool. So you'll have to go grab a copy or even subscribe (Sci Fi  is the official magazine for the SyFy network) because they have great content.

I worked through the weekend, so today I'm trying to take some time off. I plan to catch a movie and grab some lunch. Hopefully both are good. Need the batteries to recharge as I need to finish writing this WIP and jump on edits and cover design. I have a full paperback jacket to work on for Six Months so I can order the proofs and get that ball rolling.


FYI I'm having a ball designing the covers for the Seven Series. The third book is going to be hot - already have my model picked out. I probably should update my resume to include my current job duties, including spending hours looking at male models on the Internet.

You guys are seriously blowing me away with all your reviews on Seven Years. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! <3 I'm thrilled to be able to write something in a different sub genre with a different writing style and have readers connect with the characters in the same way with Mageri. Everyone in Seven has a distinct personality that shines in each book, so they've been a blast to write.

Mageri fans - I love you guys! The reviews for SHINE, as well as the other books, are just "wow". There's a side project I want to work on, but let me catch up with some of these current projects so I can work on that and see what comes of it. The re-reads are always there, and those of you who have re-read the series I think enjoy it the second time around because of the connections made. Plus, it's also great to see characters in the beginning, knowing what awaits them. And we all love when Logan waltzed through that front door, arms at his sides, long hair hanging to his shoulders, and a predatory look in his eyes as he took a seat at Silver's table. The way he could draw in her scent and read her emotions, and the knowledge that we discover later that the whole time, he had known from the time she opened the door that she was his....

Well, you'll just have to read the books to find out.


  1. I wonder, will the 3rd one be Denver "the pretty boy in the family"?… which sounds impossible given these two covers. lol
    I would nnnot like to be the one picking that model.
    How can anybody look better than Austin or Reno here?
    Good luck! jaja

  2. I cannot wait to read the next book!!!