Friday, December 27, 2013

The Mageri Series

Well, SHINE has brought a conclusive ending to the Mageri series, with a couple of minor loose ends, as I indicated early on. I've never been a fan of books that write the all-encompassing epilogue that details everyone's ending. I like that the reader can have some of that left to their imagination (most of the things left open are the ones with obvious conclusions), but it also leaves the door slightly ajar for me. Not necessarily for continuing this series, as I don't foresee that, but Mageri world books that are spinoff stand-alones. I am totally open to these down the road and am currently working on one, but will remain tight-lipped about it until I begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This was a cast of imperfect people living in an imperfect world, trying to make the best of what they were given. Their lives intersect and overlap, leaving one to believe that maybe there is more to coincidences than we realize. Fate only takes us 50% of the way, and it's up to us to make the decisions that lead us down new paths. It's really crazy to think where I started with releasing Sterling, and now with the conclusion of the Mageri series, so much has changed. I have made many personal accomplishments (Bestseller lists) and many new friends (authors and fans alike). I'm grateful for every good thing that has come my way.

I hope those who have read SHINE enjoyed the story itself, as well as the Mageri series as an arc. Thank you for writing those reviews! It means so much because it's going to help other readers down the road determine if they want to take a chance on this series, and thanks to those for even going back on the earlier books in the series to write them up.

The characters are always the foundation for my stories, so Silver's journey from beginning to end was more than just her story. I think those who go back and re-read the series as a whole after having read the final book are going to make a lot of connections and realize how important it was that some characters went the way they did, and why some events had to occur.

What's next? I'm currently working on the SEVEN SERIES books. Six Months will be going to the editor soon, and I'm currently drafting/editing Five Weeks. This year, I hope to review my urban fantasy books to  make a decision on which one to select for the next published series, and when to begin drafting those out. I have also written Christian into another book, so how his story played out in Shine was necessary. Some of his scenes were the moments I loved the most in Shine, right along with Simon. I think every character had their moment to shine.

Please sign up for my mailing list so you'll be notified when there are updates! (the link is not only on my Facebook page, but also my blog and goodreads profile). I really think readers who fell in love with the characters will want to try out my Seven Series, along with future books. I have a deep connection with every character I write, and we all relate to each one differently. But I don't like the cardboard characters, and feel that each one needs to be challenged, as well as have their layers peeled away so we can see a little bit more about who they are and why they are.

All my love and gratitude to you Mageri fans, and also to my new Seven Series fans. I hope to keep bumping into you through new books I'll be publishing for years to come.


  1. Thank you , thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just loved Shine so much that by the end my face was in tears and my heart in my mouth. Everything ended just as I hd hoped it would, especially for Nero and the twist that you gave for Finn..oh I had to smile. Now that this series is for the most part done...for now ....????......, with permission , I'd like to blog about it, it's so dear to me..I may never get over my crush for Justus...

    Waving from Houston with warmest regards and best wishes.

    Aunty Pol/Jane

    1. Thanks so much for being a part of the journey. Please feel free to blog about it. I have a mini crush on Justus as well. ;-)

  2. I feel head over heels for the love Logan and Silver share. This is hands down the most beautiful relationship ever described in any of the books I have had the pleasure to read in any genre. Their struggle really moved me, and I have to say I have never truly been raked across the emotional coals with any other romantic pairing like I was with them. I bit my nails, laughed, cried and truly was swept up in the moments of tenderness they shared. I really wished I could have seen them through the request Silver made of him in Shine though. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to see them again in some of your future books or get a novella about them that would see them through a future together they so richly deserve. I simply am in love with their love. Thank you Dannika for writing such a beautiful story. I loved these books, and I literally could not put them down. After having read them back to back in less than a week, I plan to go back and start all over again, but this time pace myself, so I can savor each of the wonderful characters you bring to life throughout the series.

    1. Thank you, Jaime, for taking the journey. The characters are always there anytime you want to re-read the books. I hope you sample other works as creating vivid and compelling characters is something I commit to with each book. Happy reading :)