Saturday, December 28, 2013

Shine blog Tour Questions

I thought it might be fun to answer some reader questions and post them during the blog tour in January for SHINE. So, if there's anything you've been wondering about the characters, story, my writing, future projects, etc. etc., CLICK HERE and send me your list on the Contact Form.

I don't bite.

Have you finished SHINE? Well, if you look like this, you probably have. Although I don't think we're quite as traumatized as we were in Gravity.

Post those reviews on Amazon or Barnes & Noble! It's time that we pass this wonderful experience on to new readers, and reviews help them make the decision to invest in a series. It would be most awesome if you posted a review for STERLING, as that is where it all started. No spoilers. Reviews can be short and simply summarize your feelings for the series/book. All you do is scroll down and find the "write a customer review" button on the book page. Much love to those who stepped out of their shell and posted their first review. I get those comments a lot that I'm their first and it gives me warm fuzzies because I know I won't be their last. Kudos! Reviews are the best way to support the authors you love. Plus, I need to see some of that Mageri love! How will I know if you want more of this world?

There is a giveaway on my Facebook page ending tonight, so be sure to check that out. I'll be holding these spontaneously, so you'll want to check my page at least once a day so you don't miss one. Could be Mageri related or Seven Series.

Still working on it. I indicated there would be a delay and I'm still finalizing the proof copies. When I have to make slight modifications, it requires another 24 hours before I can order a proof copy, which is normally sent within 3 days. But they'll be ready in January, and I"m going to say no later than the 20th, at the VERY latest. My guess would be it'll be ready to go by the 10th. We shall see.

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