Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cover Countdown: Impulse

Just three more days until the cover for SHINE is revealed on December 4th! I'm doing a countdown of each cover in the Mageri series, talking a little bit about it. Today is IMPULSE (Mageri Series: Book 3)

Impulse almost drove me crazy. I was lucky enough to have stumbled across a few models that would resemble the first two, but I was torn. Yeah, 65-mockups worth of torn. No lie.


The one with the profile image and the finger lifting her chin was a strong possibility. One of the versions above I was really struck with, but then it ended up on an erotica cover so I scrapped that model. I liked the model I chose because there were other poses with her that I could use in future books. That didn't quite happen with Gravity because in the end, it wasn't about the look but her body language and expression.

This was the final version. For some reason my website modified the graphic image so some parts are a little washed out. Sorry about that. I had a few speculate who the man in the back was, but it was always meant to be Justus - looking out for his Learner. Yeah it could have been Christian and for you Christian fans, go on and pretend it. I won't say a peep. :-) Creating him was a nightmare. The image was originally a silhouette and looked like a dark, ominous blob behind her. So I had to layer a jacket on him for texture and then I had to give him a face. So basically, I created myself a man for the cover. Silver needed major work done on her hair and I found myself spending unecessary hours giving her bangs and trying to soften things up.

Needless to say, it's the kind of project that left me desiring copious amounts of alcohol to ease the pain.

You will also start to notice by this book I've been incorporating the color purple in every cover.

Here's the original picture of Silver below:

You can see a number of changes I made. I had to tilt her body so it wasn't at a lean (after chopping off her arm), and I also had to draw in a shirt. Yeah. Draw. I used as much shading as possible to make it look real. Let's face it, if Silver dressed like above, Justus would never let her leave the house. ;-)

All in all, I think Impulse took me the longest to design. Probably about a month and most of it had to do with all the different mock-ups and my indecisiveness.

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