Monday, December 2, 2013

Cover Countdown: Gravity

Cover countdown to SHINE (Dec 4), and today we will talk about the cover for GRAVITY (Mageri Series: Book 4).

I didn't go through quite as many mock-ups with Gravity as I did for Twist, but I did feel torn between  models - once again. I wanted to use the same model I used on Impulse, but I couldn't get her pose to connect with the story, no matter what background I used.

I really love the final image because of what's represented. While the story follows Silver, her story by no means overshadows the lives of others. The northern lights is not only the name of the bar, but has some old folklore I looked up that was quite interesting, and fitting. The ocean also connects with the story and about the same person, whom I won't mention because it's a spoiler. But those of you who read Gravity know what I'm talking about.

So the emotion on the model I really connected to. But also note her body language in that it appears like she's showing you the scars on her neck. A clue of what was to come in Gravity. You can also see a purple hue in the image, but it's also on the back page of the paperback. See, this is why you need the paperbacks. There is a full story going on.

The image above may appear washed out, but it's what I have to send to the distributor so their printers don't bleed ink all over the books. But I digress. The color fades on the binding so it's not noticeable, and the back page is grey so that the purple scarf pops. And yeah, you guys know the scene with the scarf wrapped around the pole.

Don't hate me.

Here is the original model:

I did some reconstructive surgery on the model. No offense to the model, but my purpose was to make it more similar to the previous models I've used. That meant softening her face and changing her nose, eye, hairline, and mouth. Just about every area on her I tweaked. I also erased the ring, which wasn't easy. From a graphic artist's perspective, I will probably never again select a model with flyaway hair on a textured background.

I still get nightmares about that.

The next post you will be seeing is the cover for Shine. Only I probably won't be talking all about how I came to design it; that'll be a later post. You'll get not only the cover, but the blurb. I'm also going to show the FULL cover exclusively on my page.

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Don't weep, Little Bird....

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