Saturday, November 9, 2013

USA Today Bestseller & Shine Teaser

I realized I announced this everywhere but my website, and I know a lot of you follow this page exclusively. I am beside myself to announce that I'm a USA Today Bestselling author. That and the New York Times are the two most coveted lists to get on, as they total all book sales across various retailers nationwide. Even better was being able to share the experience with five amazing authors: SM Reine, Kate Danley, Marie Hall, Deanna Chase, and Danielle Monsch. So as you might have noticed, I updated a few headers and my book covers as that is a moniker that stays with you forever.

So even if I end up getting a job down the road at Luby's, I'm still a USA Today Bestselling author. I'm very proud, honored, excited, and humbled. This is really a huge milestone and not one I will soon forget.

I'm also not losing focus of all the projects I have at hand, so today I'm actually doing some writing. Tomorrow I'm going to be lazy and catch up on reading - I'm at a point now between major projects where I can take some days off so it's nice.

But if you haven't grabbed your copy of this boxed set of Urban Fantasy, what are you waiting for? The overall retail value is $24 and we're giving you six full-length novels for 99 cents.



If you do not like teasers, look away. I don't like giving away all the good stuff or long snippets because it takes the joy away from reading those scenes for the first time. But I did want to post something, so I dug a little and found a snippet from Shine. I asked a few weeks back and readers wanted something from Logan (why am I not surprised?) so here is a small excerpt.

Please note this is unedited:

A deep vibration rose from his chest. Logan backed me up and the next thing I knew, I was lying on the hood of Justus’s sleek Porsche. What was once a vast collection of exquisite cars was now a collection of three, aside from the Ducati, which he rarely drove.

Logan’s ravenous tongue found a sensitive spot on my neck that made me crave his skin against mine. I slipped my hands beneath his shirt, scratching at his strong back. I loved the way Logan’s body felt. The taut muscles along his abs, the baby-fine hair on his arms and legs, the masculine cut of his jaw, and especially right now, the thick press between my legs. The hood of the car dented from our weight and Logan’s heated breath stirred a voice within me that wanted to say “to hell with it” and have sex right on top of my Ghuardian’s one-hundred-thousand-dollar Porsche.

“Wait, Logan. We’re going to mess up his car.”

When his tongue entered my mouth, the complaint was forgotten. 

Hope you enjoyed that little snippet. When I set the release date, I'll put it in huge flashing lights so you won't miss it.

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  1. Congrats! You deserve it!

    After that snippet: Pass me the paper bag