Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pack Life

The BLOG TOUR for SEVEN YEARS has ended. Thank you to all the bloggers for participating, and Enchantress of Tours for getting that shindig on the road! It was so much fun and I hope that you guys enjoyed some of the guests posts I write up.

I figured I'd post a little about Seven Years, especially for those who are new to my books. I've noticed a few readers seemed confused or mistaken on pack rules/life. And, since my car has currently decided to conk out on me and I'm trapped in the house and unable to run my errands, now is a great time to write a little post about Shifters. Yay!

Ok, something that has come up a few times:

Shifters are supposed to mate for life.
Yes, and they mate for life in my books as well! Here's a quote:

“It’s not the same with us as it is humans. When we choose a mate, we mate for life. Some alphas have more than one mate, and that’s their prerogative, but loyalty is expected on both ends.”

“He’s hardly loyal if he has more than one wife.”

“If it’s consensual, it’s loyalty. If he strays outside of his females, it’s infidelity. His pack won’t respect him if his woman doesn’t.”

 In nature, not all wolves are strictly monogamous. It might be more likely because in nature, wolf packs are typically parent wolves and siblings/extended family. (and that would be just...ew) Shifters value lifemates and that's why they don't just mate with the first girl they sleep with, because when they do mate, it's going to be for life. I also like the idea of Shifters having a choice and that they're not just paired off with someone from birth, even though it's eluded to that some are born for each other. I think it's pretty clear Austin is the kind of alpha who would never have more than one mate based on how he delivered that line.  Shifters are also half human, so sometimes greed and power can go to an alpha's head. That can account for why not all packs are run exactly the same, and there are references to some who follow the "old ways" (which are barbaric).

Now, as to the "helping hand" part of the book, the alpha might have to intervene and help a female in heat. That's for the benefit of the pack so she can get through her cycle faster and doesn't get knocked up by a randy male who can't control himself.  But Austin also says the female stays locked up in her bedroom, so this isn't the golden rule. Each pack is run differently, and yes, this is addressed again in future books.

In each book, you learn a little bit more about Breed life. Too much world-building can detract from the relationships evolving in a romance, so with each book, you're going to learn a little more about Shifters. Also, while this book might feature the occasional Chitah or Mage, this series primarily focuses on Shifters, although there might be appearances by other Breeds. You really can't compare Mageri and Seven, because one is urban fantasy and the other is paranormal romance. Those tend to have two different approaches to world-building. :-)

It's been fun to portray Shifters in a realistic light, depicting how their lives might be if they lived in the real world. The great thing about writing a paranormal is there are NO rules, because they don't exist. I've done a bit of research on animal behavior (I even did this with cheetahs) It's important that when I'm writing an animal in a scene that I get the body language right as best I can. However, you have the right to deviate from reality because in truth, paranormals are not strictly animals. They are part human, so that allows for a lot of decisions and laws that are formed based on human motives. It was explained how they had once been slaves to other Breeds and were treated as lower-class citizens, so this will also cast a light on why some of them do the things that they do in order to feel empowered.

I'm so excited to see how well received the book has been and how much readers have been enjoying the humor, drama, and romance! I love each of the characters and I'm glad to see how many out there are fans of Denver, Maizy, Reno, Lorenzo, and others... just as much as the leads.

Where will the series go from here? The series as a whole focuses on the Weston pack, but each book centers on a new character. Yes, some of the books might be darker than others. You won't really be able to compare them because the stories will be so different, so there's going to be something for everyone. It's been an exciting challenge to write and i look forward to releasing the rest of the series!! Be sure to sign up for my mailing list to be the first to know when the date is scheduled for Six Months to be published. After that book, look for Five Weeks.

After book 2, I think I'm going to stop reiterating that these are not werewolves. (Click here for a great post I wrote a while back on the differences) Totally not the same as Shifters. You can skim through some of my previous blog posts and will find some fun facts I've posted about the Seven Series!

Hope this was informative! I'm always looking for ideas for a future blog post, so if you have any questions, please feel free to throw them my way and I'll see if I can address them in a future post.


  1. I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed Seven years. I hope that you give us more on Naya's backstory...I loved her immediately, even as a supporting character.

    Waving from Houston..

    Aunty Pol/jane

  2. Absolutely loved this book. Great story, great characters... Although a paranormal storyline, you made it believable. I'm looking forward to reading more in this series. :)