Friday, November 29, 2013

Cover Countdown: Sterling (Mageri Book 1)

I thought it might be fun to feature each cover the MAGERI SERIES until the cover reveal of SHINE on December 4. So I'm just going to display the purty covers and outline a few facts, particularly for those new to my books.

Well when I first designed the cover back in 2011, it didn't have that snazzy little moniker at the bottom. Who knew? I originally had a specific model I wanted but was unable to get her permission to use the photo. Back then, I was going directly to photographers. I can't tell you how upset I was, but maybe some things happen for a reason as this cover has been quite memorable with readers and the model/photographer was more than accomodating. I designed this cover using multiple layers: ground, lighting, fog, and background. I changed the color of her shirt and removed a pair of elbow-length fishnet gloves.

I really wanted the first cover to be a bit mysterious. These were two designs I came up with during the process and you can see below how I combined ideas. I was really close to using the second, but it looked like she was in a cavern. I kept the fog, tinted it blue, and got rid of the moon.

I've learned a lot about cover design since Sterling. Most importantly, how to brand a series. You really need to do this from the very beginning, and since I did not do this with the Mageri Series, each cover has been a challenge. I'm excited about the Seven Series because the books are really going to *feel* related. But I think I've done a pretty good job with the Mageri series.

This is the original image of the model and of all her pics, I was drawn to this one. You can see what I mean about those gloves. They would have looked pretty cool, but Silver doesn't wear anything like that in the books, and I try the best I can to stay true to the character.

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SHINE cover reveal: December 4
SHINE release date: December 20

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