Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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I found myself sidetracked yesterday when I wrote 14K words of a novel. I wish I could tell you more about it, but it's classified. It's not fantasy and right now, my heart belongs to writing fantasy. So that's where I want to devote most of my time. I have to say that I really love the names I come up with sometimes, so I hope something comes out of these books that I start and put to the side, even if it's just the names. Most writers have stories that go into the "trunk", so I never look at anything as junk. It might get finished, or it might spawn a better idea. Everything gets saved.

What I'm really anxious to start writing is Book Four of the SEVEN SERIES. I can't devote myself to a first draft until I'm in a better place. I have my final edits with MB5 coming up so I need to knock that out of the way first.

There are SEVEN books planned in the seven series. If it ever gets to where I think I want another, I probably have room for one more, although I'd have to come up with a clever title with 0 in it.

So I finished up a book, which I won't name, and I was disappointed by the relationship between the couple. I thought the storyline was intriguing, the chemistry was there, but am I a total sap in needing a valid reason for the couple to get together? I love the animal attraction that goes on in some books, but I need a solid foundation. I need those "moments" of interaction that are ordinary and telling about the characters. My brain refuses to believe in a happily ever after based on sex. LOL It has very high ratings, so I'm not sure what I've missed, but it became exhausting to get through.

Logan could be that guy, but I've "humanized" him within the story. It's why I love the pillow talk between them. Moments an editor might chop out of a book asking, "What's the purpose of this scene?" Well, it's an integral part of who this person is, and the audience needs more dimension to a character than all the growling and fighting.

I think I was also coming out of a recent book with a lot of dialog and this one had more narrative with very short dialogue sentences.

That's a tough line to walk, too. Sometimes there needs to be a lot of narrative to tell back story or relevant things that can't be introduced through dialogue. I did this with the book I started yesterday in which the entire first chapter (almost) is narrative because it's a memory. So naturally, I was excited to hit Chapter 2 and get the train moving out of the station.

There really is no perfect style of writing - it's how effectively the author connects the reader with the story.  Part of that for me is being able to connect with my characters. Sometimes I'm hooked to them out of the gate, and other times it takes a few chapters before I really "get them". That helps me during the revision process to try and help the reader get there earlier than I did.

MB5's cover is 99% finished and the full cover for the paperback is 90%. I have a few things I need to work on, like the back text. You'll have a cover and a name soon. I'm settled on the name unless something else comes up and will do a fun announcement later, as well as a cover reveal with a synopsis. Not sure when, but all in good time.

Until then, you'll have "Seven Years" to nibble on.

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