Saturday, October 12, 2013

Naming a book

Naming a book sounds super easy, but it's not. I think sometimes authors dwell a little too much on this. I don't worry about having a unique title. My concern is making sure it connects with the book. With the Mageri series, you can probably do a search in the book and find the scenes using that word that gave me inspiration.

STERLING was named because of a scene with Justus, and I felt it summed up the book nicely. Silver is struggling with her identity and self-worth, feeling powerless and insignificant within this new Breed world, and she's reminded that she's sterling, meaning that she has value in someone's eyes, if not her own.

TWIST was named for the obvious twists in the book. Well, at least the Logan Cross twist. No one saw that coming.

IMPULSE was named for what the storyline addressed many times: the consequences of acting on impulse and when it's right to give in to them.

GRAVITY was named not just because of the heavy subject matter, but for what keeps us grounded. The very thing that can sometimes weight us down and pull us into a perilous fall.

The next book has a name. I'm not going to overthink it and hopefully when you read the book, you make the connection. I'll probably announce it in November. There's a lot going on this month with Seven Years. I'm uncertain about the timing of the cover reveal since I don't have a release date locked down. It'll happen, but I won't commit to a date that I might not be able to meet.

THE SEVEN SERIES fit together when I realized I was going to write a sequel. Seven Years makes sense based on the storyline, but then I began to work in a concept for the naming scheme where it would be a countdown and tie into the story. I like this idea because it also makes it easier to remember the titles. As I've written about before, I'm not a huge fan of using the same word in each book of a series (such as 'dark', 'grave' etc.) because it tends to run together.

Anytime I have a date locked down for any type of reveal or announcement, I'll have it listed on my website on the left menu bar. You can already see the countdown clock for SEVEN YEARS is now showing 9 days and xx hours. Yay! I'm very excited about the new series and thanks to readers and bloggers alike who have shown tremendous support. My betas are going to be getting the 2nd book in the series on November 1st. My goal is to get ahead of the game with books so I can focus next year on developing an Urban Fantasy series I wrote several years ago.

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