Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mageri Five Title Reveal

I love the little reveals between book releases, so today I am announcing the name of the fifth book in the Mageri series. As those of you who read my blog know, I select each name with care.

At one time, I thought I might keep the series in alphabetical order, but that went out the window with Impulse. The description will be forthcoming, as will the cover reveal date and the publication date.

Please note this is the TITLE REVEAL ONLY. The cover below is only to display the title (It is not the actual cover)

So, without further ado, you now have something to call MB5. Please be sure to add it to your Goodreads TBR shelf! CLICK HERE

Monday, October 28, 2013

Blog Tour Begins!

Welcome to the beginning of the blog tour for SEVEN YEARS! Prepare to have some fun throughout the next month. What is a blog tour? Each day, we will stop at different book blog pages for some fun and mayhem. You'll get to read my guest posts, interviews, or the blogger's review of Seven Years!

You can also enter in the giveaway! I will be updating my BLOG TOUR page (On website) as we go along and posting on my Facebook page. Bookmark the link above so you can check for updates, in case you miss one of my posts (which you probably will, knowing Facebook).

Thank you all so much for the support and amazing comments I've received on SEVEN YEARS!

As for the Giveaway, here is a rundown of the awesome prizes:

1 autographed paperback of Seven Years
1 key necklace
5 autographed bookmarks

1 autographed paperback of Seven Years
5 autographed bookmarks

1 Dannika Dark ebook (Winner's choice)
5 autographed bookmarks

Let's have some fun!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Magic After Dark is LIVE

We're a day early with MAGIC AFTER DARK finally being available at ALL retailers. Yay!! Go forth and purchase, and be sure to help spread the news to fellow bookworms. This deal is too good to pass up!!

Dive into six different worlds of vampires, demons, fae, fairy godmothers, mages, and all things magic. Prepare for a wild ride, whether you're looking for nail-biting drama, mystery, intense action, humor, new breeds of paranormals, or passionate romance. Indulge in this amazing boxed set from six bestselling urban fantasy authors:

SM Reine - Sacrificed in Shadow
Marie Hall - Crimson Night
Deanna Chase - Influential Magic
Danielle Monsch - Fairy Tales and Ever Afters
Kate Danley - Maggie for Hire
Dannika Dark - Sterling

Check all other Amazon sites that sell ebooks for availability!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Seven Series: What's to come

So I've been receiving a lot of questions already about SEVEN YEARS, and since a couple of them are the same question, I thought it might be good to put it down in a blog post.

Q. How will the next books play out? Is it all about Lexi and Austin?
A:  I wrote Seven Years a smidge different than some of the paranormal romance series I follow. It's in first person, which is usually found in Urban Fantasy. However, I will follow PNR tradition in that this is not a continuing saga of Lexi's story. The series as a whole focuses on the Weston pack, and each book will focus on new characters.

Q: How many books will there be?
A: Seven. If I needed to, I could squeeze in another, but seven full-length novels are to follow.

Q: When is the next book coming out?
A: SIX MONTHS I'm targeting for early 2014, but it's too early to lock in a date

Unfortunately, I can't answer any questions regarding where the series is going and who the books will focus on. That will be for you to find out. What I will say is that it's been so much fun writing a series that feels so separate from Mageri, and yet connected. Same Mageri universe with Breeds, but fresh new characters and also a paranormal romance. I've written another paranormal romance series (unpublished), but it's in third person and the flow is much different - darker (Darker than even Mageri).

The world I've created is based on the idea of: What if immortals were real and lived in secret among us? This is the foundation, and it helps me write relatable characters that feel "real". My Shifters are regular people who live normal lives, except they have an ability. So this is a diversion from some of the shifter books out there, especially those that are more erotica than anything. I'm very focused on relationships, friendships, and the way lives intersect. Alpha isn't about being aggressive, but being a born leader.

I couldn't be happier with the initial success of the book. As it currently stands, the ranks are:

#450 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
  • #9 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Paranormal > Werewolves & Shifters
  • #10 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Paranormal
  • #13 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban 
Sales rank: 149

Kobo just went live, so check out my BOOKS link on the top of my blog for all the retailer links.

Thanks to everyone who has been recommending, sharing, reviewing, and showing support for this new cast. There's a poll on my blog and I was very surprised to see who was in the LEAD. Wow. I love all my characters and I will say that he was a fave with my betas, so it's not a total surprise. I also enjoyed writing a book that focused on family, because with the Mageri series, it seems strangers are coming together to form that where in Seven Series, they're already solidified. Maizy was a breath of fresh air to add in and I love the dynamic of where Shifter and human worlds collide.

Underneath it all, it's about the characters. Lexi has residual feelings for someone she had a childhood crush on and is coming to terms with what he means to her now. This isn't an insta-love book for a reason. :-)

There is a contest running until the 28th on my Facebook page, so go check it out. And remember, the SEVEN YEARS BLOG TOUR BEGINS ON OCTOBER 28.  I also have the MAGIC AFTER DARK boxed set coming out on OCTOBER 28, so it's going to be a kickass Halloween!

If you have any questions, send them to me and I'll try to address in a future post. Welcome aboard to Seven.

Let the countdown begin.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Seven years on Barnes & Noble

Seven Years just went live on BARNES & NOBLE. Rejoice, Nook users! CLICK HERE
Spread the word if you know any other Nook users or groups that would be interested in a Paranormal Romance series.

Stop by MY BLOG (or facebook page) to see a full list of purchase links. It seems like those on Google + are banned from linky posts. pffft

Monday, October 21, 2013

Seven Years is Live on Amazon

A whole day early!!! I'm still waiting on the other retailers, but for you Kindle owners, here are the links:



Once the other retailers go live, I'll post those links.

Multi-Author Boxed Set Announcement & Cover Reveal!!

I have really exciting news! I have teamed up with five amazing fantasy authors! Each one of us has selected a "first" in one of our series books to offer up in this fabulous collection! Not only that, but these six titles will be all yours for only 99 cents!

Wait, what????

Yeah. Six full-sized novels for only 99 pennies. This will be a limited time offer, so check out all the information below and help spread the word! There's a little something for everyone in here.
Happy Halloween!

Now, check out the COVER REVEAL!

Limited Time Offer!
This bundle will be on sale for $0.99! 
Regularly priced at $9.99

Dive into six different worlds of vampires, demons, fae, fairy godmothers, mages, and all things magic. 

Prepare for a wild ride, whether you're looking for nail-biting drama, mystery, intense action, humor, new breeds of paranormals, or passionate romance. 

Indulge in this amazing boxed set 
from six bestselling urban fantasy authors:

SM Reine 
Sacrificed in Shadow

Marie Hall 
Crimson Night, Dark

Deanna Chase
Influential Magic

Danielle Monsch
Fairy Tales and Ever Afters

Kate Danley 
Maggie for Hire

Dannika Dark

Release Date
October 28, 2013

Book Blurbs:

Lincoln Marshall is a small-town deputy with a very big problem. Six members of his church have been found dead, killed by a rogue werewolf. He'll have to make a deal with the Devil to save victims that have gone missing -- maybe literally. Elise Kavanagh, preternatural investigator and exorcist, is the expert when it comes to violent deaths at the jaws of evil. She's also among the most powerful demons that Hell has spawned. Elise jumps at Lincoln's case, and it's not just because of his down-home charm. Someone's laid a trap for her in Northgate, and she wants to find out who....
CRIMSON NIGHT by Marie Hall 
Welcome one and all to Carnival Diabolique- my name is Pandora, and I'm a Nephilim. What does that mean? I'm half demon, what's my other name? Lust. But I'm not all bad. I fight for light, for goodness and truth. But people are starting to disappear and lately I've felt a dark presence lurking around me. I think it might be a death priest and that's really bad. This should have been easy, me killing fanged freaks, getting rid of my pesky priest problem, but I'm about to be betrayed by the one person I thought I could trust with my life and before the night is through I'll be covered in crimson... -Dark Urban Fantasy

Welcome to the Crescent City, the home of Willow Rhoswen, faery and magical baker extraordinaire. While fighting for her life, Willow is caught between two gorgeous men as she navigates the corruption of a powerful vampire organization and her own supernatural government agency.

If you like your fairy tales just a little twisted, this is the series for you! Three tales follow our fairy godmothers as they figure out ways to help the damsels - and mansels - in distress, all the while making sure every couple gets their happily ever after. 

MAGGIE FOR HIRE by Kate Danley  
When monsters appear on earth, Maggie MacKay is on the job.  No one is better at hauling the creepy crawlies back where they belong… no one except her dad, who disappeared mysteriously in the middle of an assignment.  When an elf named Killian shows up with a gig, Maggie finds herself at the center of a plot to turn the earth into a vampire playground.  The only hope for survival is tracking down two missing statues and a secret that disappeared with Maggie's father.
Warning:  This book contains cussing, brawling, and unladylike behavior. Proceed with caution.
Follow the journey of a young woman's claim to immortality and her own identity. Zoƫ Merrick's human life ends when she is brutally attacked by a Mage who gives her the gift of immortality. She soon discovers they are not magicians, but powerful beings who can manipulate energy. Justus De Gradi steps forward to act as her Ghuardian, teaching her how to fight to protect the light within her. Will she learn to accept her fate and trust those around her? Urban Fantasy Romance Series.

About The Authors

Deanna is a native Californian, transplanted to the slower paced lifestyle of southeastern Louisiana. When she isn't writing, she is often goofing off with her husband in New Orleans, playing with her two shih tzu dogs, making glass beads, or out hocking her wares at various bead shows across the country. For more information and updates on newest releases visit her website at
Sign up for my newsletter to be informed of new releases and giveaways. 
Author Links:

SM Reine is an author of paranormal and urban fantasy from Reno, NV best known for "The Descent Series," which is about an exorcist on the run from God. She likes long walks on the beach, overcast days, total mayhem, and kittens.

Author Links:

Born to the pothole-ridden streets of Pittsburgh, PA, Danielle Monsch started writing in a time long ago, a time when there were not enough vampire stories to read and she had to write her own to fill the void. Yes, such a time of darkness did indeed exist.

Danielle writes stories full of fantastical goodness and plenty of action, but always with lots of romance (and a bit of woo-hoo!) mixed in. Vampires and Werewolves and Demons and Angels, Sword & Sorcery, Fairy Tales, Updated Mythologies and the like - if it's out of the ordinary, it's fair game for her stories.

Go to for one-stop shopping with everything to do with Danielle - there you can join her newsletter (highly encouraged as it contains all info about upcoming books, plus lots of random surprises) follow her on twitter, and like her on facebook. Just want to send Danielle a quick email? Easy enough, that's

Kate Danley's debut novel, The Woodcutter (published by 47North), was honored with the Garcia Award for the Best Fiction Book of the Year, the 1st Place Fantasy Book in the Reader Views Literary Awards, and the winner of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Other titles include: Queen Mab, the Maggie MacKay: Magical Tracker series, and the O'Hare House Mysteries.
Her plays have been produced in New York, Los Angeles, and DC Metro area. Her screenplay Fairy Blood won 1st Place in the Breckenridge Festival of Film Screenwriting Competition in the Action/Adventure Category. Her projects The Playhouse, Dog Days, Sock Zombie, SuperPout, and Sports Scents can be seen in festivals and on the internet. She trained in on-camera puppetry with Mr. Snuffleupagus and recently played the head of a 20-foot dinosaur on an NBC pilot.
She lost on Hollywood Squares.

Author Links:
Official Website:
Twitter: @katedanley

Marie loves books that make you think, or feel something. Preferably both.
And while she's a total girly girl and loves glitter and rainbows, she's
just as happy when she's writing about the dark underbelly of society.
Well, if things like zombies, and vampires, and werewolves, and mermaids existed. (Although she has it on good authority that mermaids do in fact
exist, because the internet told her so.)

She's married to the love of her life, a sexy beast of a caveman who likes to refer to himself as Big Hunk. She has two awesome kids, lives in Hawaii, loves cooking and occasionally has been known to crochet. She also really loves talking about herself in the third person.

If you want to see what new creations she's got up her sleeves check out
her blog: or contact her personally at

Dannika Dark was born on a military base in the U.S. and traveled the world before she was nine. Now she is rooted in the south, but her head is planted firmly in the clouds. She began writing seriously around age twelve and focused on post-apocalyptic storylines. After that, poetry became her obsession and she later wanted to become a lyricist/rockstar. Dannika now works as a full-time author, creating a unique spin on fantasy that began with her bestselling Mageri series. She writes within the Mageri Universe and her new Seven Series begins this October, which focuses on Shifters.

In addition to writing, Dannika designs all of her covers and promotional images. She also enjoys sci-fi and fantasy movies, heaps of chocolate, humiliating herself bowling, Tex-Mex food, dominating board games, and unleashing her dark side.

Author Links:

Presented By

Saturday, October 19, 2013


I was thinking about how my work schedule has changed since leaving my last job. It got me to thinking about the advantages of having worked in a corporate environment that have greatly benefited what I'm doing now.

I have been fortunate in my career to have 1.) Run a company and 2.) Worked for the man , so I have two completely different perspectives.

When I ran a business years ago, working independently with handling everything (except employees, since there were none), I learned about keeping self-imposed deadlines. I learned the importance of managing finances, marketing, and how not to make home feel like work. That sales meant pay and if you didn't sell, you didn't earn, as where a corporate job has a stable paycheck. I learned the importance of benefits, because I had none, nor could afford them. I learned how to manage my time effectively.

So it was a huge culture shock when I left that job after seven years to work for a corporate organization. I began in the file room as a temp and learned how to be humble and work hard. When I got hired, we didn't have training for any of the systems or processes because it was so new. And that was no easy feat. We worked in cubicles and the systems and rules were changing on a daily basis. We acquired new business, our work continually changed, and we had to learn to acclimate and accept change.

As a result of wanting to be the best at my job, I positioned myself as the point person in our area. I made it my job to learn our systems inside out, write training material and procedures, and make sure everyone understood how to do their job and resolve their own issues. I was the SME (Subject matter expert) in our department, promoted to trainer at one point, became a lead, and eventually a specialist. I worked on the most mundane tasks and also multi-million dollar projects within our company, because the manager singled me out as the person who could get it done, and get it done right. I learned that having a job is not about a set of defined tasks, but being flexible to stretch yourself beyond what is set for your expectations, even if it meant working 12 hours a day, including weekends.

The job became overwhelmingly stressful. The requirements were restrictive. The average worker could make a minimum of 500 errors per day, and it only took up to 4 a year to get you fired. Quality was held to the highest standard, but so was volume. Over the past few years, I'd been offered the supervisor position three times and turned it down. It was never about the money for me, but that position didn't offer what I wanted to do. So I learned to never do things for the money. I enjoyed the technical side of troubleshooting our systems, finding defects, coming up with workarounds, and developing changes in the process. those around me said I wasn't valued, that management was taking advantage of me, and I should get out.

Which was true. I shouldn't have been doing all the things I was doing for the amount I got paid. But I wouldn't trade it.

That job taught me a lot of things that I'm able to apply to working as a full-time author that the self-employment job did not. I learned how to troubleshoot system issues. That's key because I not only work on the computer all day, but I work in Word, Gimp, conversion programs, etc. to do my job. I've learned to format and convert my work, develop my own covers, and the importance of backing up files. I've also learned to adapt to changing environments, when to delegate tasks, to strive for high quality and high production, to learn from mistakes, and how to coordinate a project and keep it on target. It also taught me that when I make a mistake, it affects more than my pay or job, but I learned how to take into consideration how it directly impacted our customers.

Maybe things happen for a reason. On my exit, I had a talk with the director. I told him that I believed everything that company gave me were tools for where I was going next. And who knows, maybe what I'm doing now is giving me the tools I need to be where I'll be in 15 more years.

I think that's how we need to look at our life. Sometimes we're in positions that seem hopeless, are working jobs that don't make sense or test our sanity, but perhaps there is something valuable you will take away from that without realizing it. Maybe not until much later, when you are where you are supposed to be in life. It might be something that helps you with your current job, or maybe it helped teach you humility, the value of working as a team, or simply how to appreciate your life when things do get better. Sometimes it's a struggle to wake up and get through the day, but there might be a purpose to it all. Be open to that idea.

It's also a struggle to climb to the top of a mountain. Your life is full of stepping stones, so take a moment to look around as you go and enjoy the view. But keep moving. Don't be afraid to take leaps, and never be afraid of falling. You can always get back up, but you'll never know how far you can go unless you try.

Friday, October 18, 2013

It's the final countdown

It's the final days before I hit publish on "Seven Years" and I'm getting that nervous feeling. It might be comparable to how a parent feels when they send their kid to school for the first time, wondering if they're going to make friends or get beat up. I'm fairly certain no matter how much I love my kids, I'm still always going to be nervous when I send them off to publication.

Just so we have our dates together:
Seven Years publication: Oct. 22
Mageri 5 title reveal: Nov. 1
Mageri 5 cover reveal: TBD
Mageri 5 publication: TBD

I also have something else brewing within the next week or two. Keep watching my Facebook page and blog for new updates and announcements.

The unexpected is always so much fun.

The Mageri series should not be read selectively or out of order. It happens, which is why I always indicate on retailers if it's "Book 2, 3, etc." In fact, I'd recommend those who enjoy re-reads to go over the series before Mageri 5 is released. Or after, because I know how you guys love connecting the dots.

KOBO fans, I'm sorry but my books are currently not available for purchase on that site. All Indie books were removed in mass because of a recent erotica crackdown. They are still available on Amazon, B&N, and iTunes. Just remember you don't have to own a Kindle to read books from Amazon. They have an app you can put on your phone or computer. Keep supporting indie authors by purchasing books.

I have to say I'm flattered by the emails and private messages from fans who are really excited to read it.

Not to mention those who are just dying to meet Austin Cole.

 I hope you guys will help spread the word by sharing some of the promo pics I'll be putting up, and please post your reviews up on Amazon and elsewhere! I've received great preliminary feedback from ARC reviewers (including a few exploding ovaries). There is still time to enter in the Goodreads contest! Five paperbacks are up for grabs (see the link on my blog sidebar)


Well, time to get my kid dressed up and ready for publication.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Now available on iTunes

Apple/iBook shoppers can now buy the Mageri series on iTunes. Here are the links. Spread the word to anyone you know who buys books through this retailer! You can always find the direct links by going to my "BOOKS" page on my blog, or search Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or iTunes using my author name or books.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Naming a book

Naming a book sounds super easy, but it's not. I think sometimes authors dwell a little too much on this. I don't worry about having a unique title. My concern is making sure it connects with the book. With the Mageri series, you can probably do a search in the book and find the scenes using that word that gave me inspiration.

STERLING was named because of a scene with Justus, and I felt it summed up the book nicely. Silver is struggling with her identity and self-worth, feeling powerless and insignificant within this new Breed world, and she's reminded that she's sterling, meaning that she has value in someone's eyes, if not her own.

TWIST was named for the obvious twists in the book. Well, at least the Logan Cross twist. No one saw that coming.

IMPULSE was named for what the storyline addressed many times: the consequences of acting on impulse and when it's right to give in to them.

GRAVITY was named not just because of the heavy subject matter, but for what keeps us grounded. The very thing that can sometimes weight us down and pull us into a perilous fall.

The next book has a name. I'm not going to overthink it and hopefully when you read the book, you make the connection. I'll probably announce it in November. There's a lot going on this month with Seven Years. I'm uncertain about the timing of the cover reveal since I don't have a release date locked down. It'll happen, but I won't commit to a date that I might not be able to meet.

THE SEVEN SERIES fit together when I realized I was going to write a sequel. Seven Years makes sense based on the storyline, but then I began to work in a concept for the naming scheme where it would be a countdown and tie into the story. I like this idea because it also makes it easier to remember the titles. As I've written about before, I'm not a huge fan of using the same word in each book of a series (such as 'dark', 'grave' etc.) because it tends to run together.

Anytime I have a date locked down for any type of reveal or announcement, I'll have it listed on my website on the left menu bar. You can already see the countdown clock for SEVEN YEARS is now showing 9 days and xx hours. Yay! I'm very excited about the new series and thanks to readers and bloggers alike who have shown tremendous support. My betas are going to be getting the 2nd book in the series on November 1st. My goal is to get ahead of the game with books so I can focus next year on developing an Urban Fantasy series I wrote several years ago.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Less than two weeks until SEVEN YEARS

That's right. Only 13 days left until SEVEN YEARS. The release date is on the 22nd but I'll notify you when I hit publish, which is usually the day prior because of the cycle time it takes for the retailers to get it on their website. Hopefully there are no delays and with luck, it might even be up on the evening of the 21st.

SEVEN YEARS is going to be a slightly different spin on the shifter genre. I think it will appeal to a broader audience and like the Mageri series, has a little bit of everything woven in.

You'll want to follow my blog tour coming at the end of the month! Lot's of fun stuff planned and a giveaway, and seriously? Austin fans are going to love a giveaway I have planned for the future. It's just the bestest thing ever!

In other news, I've been extremely busy this month with projects so I've been taking more time off the past few weeks. I'm nearly done with the MB5 covers and all I need is the back text. Once I start locking in dates for cover reveals and book releases, I'll post that information.

Please note that pre-order is not available for me on any retail site. That honor goes to the special people's club and I'm not on it, but you should mark your calendars for releases and sign up for my newsletter so you don't miss a thing!

I've managed to read through several books so I'm getting in my reading fix. Yesterday I saw "Prisoners" which I highly recommend. Midway through I had figured it all out, but I love those suspense movies that drop clues and have you guessing. On today's agenda is to go see Gravity, so I better get myself dressed or I'll be late for the show.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bundle on Barnes & Noble

The Mageri books 1-3 are now available as a boxed set on Barnes & Noble. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

When I initially uploaded the Mageri series to B&N, I wasn't sure how they would do. It took a while for the series to take off, but as they seem pretty popular there now, I've decided to offer the bundle. Yay! All this requires a lot of fun formatting and conversion work, and so I decided to tackle another "to do" and will be uploading the Mageri books to the Apple store. I'm not sure how long that will take, but I'll post the links when available for those who shop for iBooks.

It's been an extremely busy month for me. There is still work to be done for the blog tour and I'll be buried in edits come the 15th, so my posts may be less frequent.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter as I will be selecting someone from the mailing list at random for a paperback proof of SEVEN YEARS this month. The initial newsletter will go out via email on the 14th, so you need to OPEN that newsletter to be eligible. Check your spam folders and all that. I'll allow a few days to elapse from that email to give everyone time and then I'll select a winner. You don't need to do anything but sign up for the newsletter and open up that email.

Also, just as a side note, I' continue to receive a lot of emails and messages regarding requests to participate in giveaways. I'm sorry if I haven't responded or it's been delayed; I'm overwhelmed at the moment with projects and deadlines. I don't want to lose track of any events I've agreed to, so I'm just conducting my own at the moment to keep it under control. That should change after Seven Years is released, but I'm currently experiencing a little Virtual Insanity.

I get confused easily.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Slideshow App

Any bloggers who want to support Seven Years can add the following code to your page:

<a href=""><img src="" width="250" height="396" border="0" alt="" /></a><br/>

Thanks to Viviana Izzo for her awesome design! :-)

I found myself sidetracked yesterday when I wrote 14K words of a novel. I wish I could tell you more about it, but it's classified. It's not fantasy and right now, my heart belongs to writing fantasy. So that's where I want to devote most of my time. I have to say that I really love the names I come up with sometimes, so I hope something comes out of these books that I start and put to the side, even if it's just the names. Most writers have stories that go into the "trunk", so I never look at anything as junk. It might get finished, or it might spawn a better idea. Everything gets saved.

What I'm really anxious to start writing is Book Four of the SEVEN SERIES. I can't devote myself to a first draft until I'm in a better place. I have my final edits with MB5 coming up so I need to knock that out of the way first.

There are SEVEN books planned in the seven series. If it ever gets to where I think I want another, I probably have room for one more, although I'd have to come up with a clever title with 0 in it.

So I finished up a book, which I won't name, and I was disappointed by the relationship between the couple. I thought the storyline was intriguing, the chemistry was there, but am I a total sap in needing a valid reason for the couple to get together? I love the animal attraction that goes on in some books, but I need a solid foundation. I need those "moments" of interaction that are ordinary and telling about the characters. My brain refuses to believe in a happily ever after based on sex. LOL It has very high ratings, so I'm not sure what I've missed, but it became exhausting to get through.

Logan could be that guy, but I've "humanized" him within the story. It's why I love the pillow talk between them. Moments an editor might chop out of a book asking, "What's the purpose of this scene?" Well, it's an integral part of who this person is, and the audience needs more dimension to a character than all the growling and fighting.

I think I was also coming out of a recent book with a lot of dialog and this one had more narrative with very short dialogue sentences.

That's a tough line to walk, too. Sometimes there needs to be a lot of narrative to tell back story or relevant things that can't be introduced through dialogue. I did this with the book I started yesterday in which the entire first chapter (almost) is narrative because it's a memory. So naturally, I was excited to hit Chapter 2 and get the train moving out of the station.

There really is no perfect style of writing - it's how effectively the author connects the reader with the story.  Part of that for me is being able to connect with my characters. Sometimes I'm hooked to them out of the gate, and other times it takes a few chapters before I really "get them". That helps me during the revision process to try and help the reader get there earlier than I did.

MB5's cover is 99% finished and the full cover for the paperback is 90%. I have a few things I need to work on, like the back text. You'll have a cover and a name soon. I'm settled on the name unless something else comes up and will do a fun announcement later, as well as a cover reveal with a synopsis. Not sure when, but all in good time.

Until then, you'll have "Seven Years" to nibble on.