Friday, September 13, 2013

MB5: Out of my hands

Today I sent the Mageri (Book 5) manuscript to my betas. So they are devouring it, laughing, crying, vomiting, hurling laptops, swooning, swearing, shooting vodka, shooting guns, and taking a cold shower. Well, you guys know the drill. If you've read the previous Mageri books, then you know how I roll. I hope they enjoy it, and yeah, I get a little nervous during the waiting period. I try not to think about it, but I take my time with each book because it's important to write a quality story that you guys will get your money's worth on.

Now comes the part where I have to start thinking about cover design, which excites me about as much as a Brazilian wax. In the end, I'm proud of my covers. But the first stages of design give me serious ulcers.

It seems everyone's curiosity is piqued about SEVEN YEARS and I continue to receive inquiries. Austin Cole's sexy self on the cover doesn't hurt. And yes, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy making covers for the SEVEN SERIES using male models. You bet. ;-) If you are a book blogger, you will need to contact my tour host with any questions.

The next book in the series is SIX MONTHS. I'm working on edits at the moment but I have no time frame for release, but it will be early 2014.

I was talking with a few authors and speculating what the books of 2014 will be. It seems 2013 was the year of New Adult, especially stories with heavy themes. I'm curious if the trend will continue in 2014 or if readers will shift to either another genre, or romance books with more humor. In any case, it's exciting to see indies making a splash and setting the trend. More stuff to read. :-)

Which is what I should be doing now. I'm probably going to go on a book-reading binge followed by a literary coma. This usually happens during the beta read, even though I have other projects. I was a more voracious reader before publishing, but writing now takes away a lot of that time. But like you, I've got so many books on my TBR shelf (real life and Kindle) that I need to make a dent.

Wish me luck.


  1. Greetings! I am new to your Mageri series and finished all 4 books in just a few days... I have to say how delighted I was to find another series to LOVE! I am also really jealous of your beta readers right now! Thanks for bringing to life such wonderful characters and a wonderful story!! JB

    1. JB, Thanks so much for the message and any reviews. I'm so glad you're enjoying the series! Stay tuned, more to come.

  2. It's a beautiful moment knowing MB5 will be on its way soon. Can't wait for the Seven series. I am ready for your new adventures. As always great animations! Do you create them or do you borrow?

    1. Time flies and it'll be here before you know it. I'm not that crafty with animations :)