Thursday, September 5, 2013

Five cool things

1. I sent an email to my beta readers to let them know that Mageri 5 might arrive as early as next weekend.
That means I'm on schedule and still continue to target a late December release. It's nice to have my crew who does such an awesome job at providing input to fine-tune the book so it's ready for YOU!

2. Christian Poe appears in another book to be published.
You may not have heard, but yes, that fiendish Vampire with the foul mouth wound up in another book I wrote years ago that I wanted to make a series. I got sidetracked, but just so you can pee your pants a little, you'll have more Christian.

3. Sweet baby Jesus, Austin Cole is almost here.
On October 22, you'll meet a new crew of men from the Mageri world. Shifter men. Sexy men. Over 1500 people have added SEVEN YEARS to their Goodreads TBR shelf!!! Over 1100 entered the giveaway. Cliffhanger-free series. Add Austin to your shelf.

4. Don't Miss Out on Announcements!
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5. New item in the Mageri store.
Go check out the store and turn the "safe filter" off on the left side of the screen. The mugs are really awesome and I bought several. The "L" fire necklace is super cool and this is just a way for you to grab a Mageri item of your own.


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