Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cover Progress

I have two mock-ups for Mageri 5 and I'm not entirely happy with them. In order to use them, they'd require a lot of work, so I'm toying with alternative ideas. I put the design aside and have been spending the last several days reviewing stock art and collecting images for different concepts. Once I get enough to play with, I'll go back to the drawing board for round 2.

My goal is to have a few more mock-ups before my betas turn in the manuscript notes next month. I've decided not to push myself with crazy expectations.  I really have a lot going on right now so it's all about balance.

Going forward, all my covers and paperbacks for future books will be ready before the ebook release. Mageri was my learning curve.If it's one thing I've learned about when writing a series, it's branding and preparation and getting that done before the first book release.

I had a good chuckle the other day when thinking about updating my resume to include my current job functions. Does "spending five hours staring at male models" look good? I carve out time each Sunday to scour for stock art, but since I'm between projects, I'm utilizing that extra time to locate potential images for my upcoming Seven series. I'd love to put symbols on the covers, but those seem strongly associated with erotica. It would make my life so much easier though. ;-)

Keep an eye out on my Facebook page. I have plans for a contest this week.

Thanks to readers who continue to review the books on Amazon and B&N to show their support. You rock! Maybe you've never reviewed a book before, but it's painless and greatly appreciated by indie authors.

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Only 27 days left until...

Isn't he dreamy?

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