Friday, August 23, 2013

Werewolves or Shifters?

I thought I'd clarify since I've been seeing some refer to these characters in my SEVEN SERIES as werewolves, when in fact Shifters and Werewolves are not the same.

If you've read the Mageri books, then you know all about Finn. He's a regular guy who shifts into a wolf. There will be Shifter traits and rules that differ in my books than others you may have read. That's the fun of penning your own world. :-) What I love is writing fantasy characters in a realistic way, where it's not so "fantastical" that the reader cannot relate to them. I really want readers to connect to the characters in this series, so it's not going to be overly saturated with heavy world-building. But you will understand more about the Mageri Shifters - their way of life and how they they not only live with each other, but how they interact with other Shifters who are not of the same animal they are. More than anything, just get ready to swoon and enjoy the romance.

The characteristics I'm listing are the most common beliefs, and of course they vary from not only one book to the next, but the popular lore that exists within each country. But, I'm not going down that road. So let me list the cliches:

WEREWOLVES - Lycanthrope
- Are "children of the moon",  influenced by the full moon which forces them to transform.
- Cannot transform at will.
- Are often killed by silver or silver bullets
- Are more of a "Creature" than an average wolf, like a humanoid/animal.
- Are typically violent in creature form.
- Has a complete blackout and remembers nothing of the transformation.
- What they are is typically considered a "curse" and can be spread through a bite, although there are a lot of ways I've seen depicted.

- Are common in Native American folklore, which is why you often see that association. They are not influenced by the moon and can shift into their animal at will.
- In the Mageri world, there are restrictions in that a Shifter shares their body with only one animal. They cannot choose what they want to shift into. But a Shifter can be a wolf, cougar, bird, etc.
- Their "gift" is not a curse - it's something they are born with that passes down to their children.
- Their animal does not necessarily have violent tendencies
- In some cases, they control their animal, or at least remember the shift. In Mageri world, it depends, and you'll learn those rules.
- In some lore, they can read the minds of other animals. Yeah, I don't get into that kind of thing in Mageri world.

 What I enjoy about writing paranormals is making them as believable as possible. Stripping away some of the cliches, or rearranging truths. The concept of Mageri world is: What if paranormals really did exist? I wanted to focus on wolves to show pack life, but you're going to see Shifters who are of another animal, and I love writing about the division among even themselves.

The series is very focused on the characters and couples, but it's also going to explore how Shifters live and operate. Especially after the history you've learned in the Mageri books that they were once slaves to other Breeds,seen as a lower subspecies. Some Breeds have an inherent need to dominate each other, but that is beginning to change as they have created laws.

Nope. Werewolves do not exist in Mageri world, so I hope that clears up the difference. I also don't write about trolls, fairies, or mermaids. But I do have some paranormals you have yet to meet, and they'll come out in future books down the line. The Seven Series will also introduce you to a concept quite different that will also appear in other books. I also wrote a stand-alone about a Gemini I hope one day to get ready for publication.

And then there's that Chitah series...


  1. When does the fifth book in the mageri series come out?? I'm a nook reader n its driving me bananas! looking forward to the new reads!!

    1. Keep checking in. No date has been finalized yet but it will be announced once it is. :-)