Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Taking a break

Didn't these come out great? I wanted to share a few items you can find in my Mageri store (check out the links on my blog menu bar).

I've finished with another round of revisions for Mageri five, and now I'm moving into the editing stage, which will have as many rounds possible before it goes to the betas.

But I'm giving myself a breather - to step away from the project for a few days and work on other projects. I probably wrote 6K this morning on the third book in the Seven Series before line edits on Six Months.

I was feeling a bit frazzled at one point, so I decided to head out for ice cream. This is why you need to step away from your work. Although in my case, it always involves getting in that damn car. As soon as I roll up to Walgreens, how I'm going to end the book I'm writing comes to mind. While I'm scribbling this down on the back of a receipt, I start thinking about one of the characters in the series and BAM, I know what's going to happen in that store. Nothing like what I had expected or tossed around - totally left field. I haven't written this character's book yet and don't even know which one it will be in the series, but something magical happens when I get in my car.

It feels great to have pieces lock together, because I only plot so far. There are times when I'm writing a character and I haven't fleshed them out all the way. I felt like I nailed Simon (no pun, but he'd love that I said that) from book one, and I totally get what he's about. But Justus was an enigma, and it wasn't until the later books that I began to understand what his back story was. It needed to be told because he centered the series for me.

And I keep getting asked so I'll say it again: MAGERI BOOK 5 is the last planned book in the Mageri Series. I have intentions for a final novella, but it will not be told in Silver's POV. It will be part of the series. Who knows, there may be other "Mageri universe" stories that branch off a little into a stand-alone book, but at this point, I'm looking forward to new projects centered in this Breed world I've created.

Hope you are too.

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