Thursday, August 22, 2013


Let the Seven Series mania begin! What you guys don't know is I've been working on some really cool swag for future giveaways, aside from these really amazing bookmarks! Keep watching my Facebook page as at any time I could be giving away some of these babies in advance.

Some of the swag I bought is in the form of jewelry, charms, and things that are unique to the characters. I have one I want to keep SO bad, but it's going to be for you die-Hard Seveners. It's so pretty. But will have other fun stuff, as well as more Mageri giveaways.

Yep, I'm planning on really fun stuff for Mageri 5 later this year, and on the blog tour.

So, a little something that I've been doing for myself is creating a special pendant necklace for each series as a whole, or stand-alone book. I'm getting the feeling this will probably be a trend for me.

The jade dragon I already had and it represents the Mageri Series.

The key represents the Seven Series. I know, the key on the covers is gold, but I don't wear gold. I'm a silver kind of girl.

The anchor represents Closer.

I'd rather not do one for each and every book or I'm going to look like a charm whore. I like having a little something I've specially selected to connect me with the stories I've written. Although, again, that one for Seven Years is going to be soooo sweet that I want it! lol

Those of you who end up falling for Austin Cole are going to w-a-n-t.

Just an update on work, I'm approaching 50% in with the Mageri edit. The first edit always takes longer because it involves fine-tuning sentences, aside from the basic editing work. After that, it should go a lot quicker the next round. I'm scheduling the beta read sometime in September and the editor gets it in November. Somewhere during this time, I'll be scrambling for a cover design and coming up with a frickin' frapping name for this book.

Thanks to everyone who is behind Seven Years. The Goodreads is now showing almost 1,000 peeps have added it to their TBR list. That's just amazing! The blog tour is being scheduled and there are always lot sof fun things with the tours: Guest posts, interviews, reviews, and a giveaway. Once I get all the info, I'll update my "Blog Tour" link on my website with all the bloggers participating. I got a lot of inquiries, in addition to a lot of requests for ARCs which will be provided to those upon approval.

Be sure to hang out with me on Facebook. You may have missed it, but if you scroll down the wall, you'll see the very first teaser I've posted for Mageri book 5.

Sometime after the release of Mageri 5, I'll announce more information about the novella which I plan to write to this series. I have yet to write it, but I want to, and it will be part of the series, but more of a companion novella. I can't say much of anything at this point since it's not even penned. Just know that it's on my radar.

The Mageri world has just opened up. So much to see.


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