Saturday, August 3, 2013

Found my Groove

Initially went I went to writing FT, I was bouncing between multiple projects. The problem with spreading yourself too thin is that it takes longer to get everything done, even though you can get more done, if that makes sense.

I had rotated days, but now I'm rotating projects. I'm currently at 80% completion on my 2nd revision of the Mageri 5 book. I should have it done in a few days. After that, I'm going to leap onto another project for a few days. I think it will help me go into the third MB5 edit with fresh eyes, rather than starting over immediately after finishing.

As you can expect with any Mageri book, you will reach points in the story that will have you dropping your jaw and gasping. I've done it myself a few times during my current read, and I already KNOW what's going to happen. ;-)

COVER REVEAL coming August 15th for SEVEN YEARS, and I'm sooooooooooooo excited. Enough to use a slew of vowel's. If you are a book blogger, see the previous post in my blog for how you can sign up for the Blitz. FACEBOOKERS: Please be sure during the reveal you like and share the pic! That is the only way the post will reach more people who might not have seen my message come up in their newsfeed. TY for your support!!

And thanks to all the reviewers on Amazon & B&N. I got up this morning and while having my coffee, read through some of the reviews. It's so nice to see how many have been enjoying the series, so if you've read one of my books, please think about posting a review wherever purchased! xoxo

In personal news, I always said I'd drive my car into the ground. I think that's happening. Today the door handle broke off. How does that even happen?? It's made getting in and out interesting. At least I fixed the air conditioning. Sort of. Sounds like the engine is tearing apart when I first turn on the car. I have to remind myself how much I'm saving by driving around a 98'. But you know, I've never owned a new car. I think I'll put that on my bucket list.

I'm debating on about having a giveaway this month. Will need to think of something good, and it may come from the Mageri store. Please be sure to check it out; the link is on my blog. I have a couple of snazzy items from there, and they came out great. They're available for anyone to buy who wants a piece of Mageri, and if there's something you'd like to see, give me a shout.

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