Thursday, August 29, 2013

Crunch Time

I'm beginning to feel the pressure of the clock as the time period for beta reads and editing begin to lock in. Then I start thinking about cover design and when I need to start that process, and then I make a pot of coffee.

Writing is a hobby. Publishing is a career. And there are a lot of job functions entailed, each requiring a set amount of time for completion, and sometimes there are self-imposed deadlines. I've still got a number of things to wrap up with Seven Years!

This is why I don't set release dates this early. Did it once, and it didn't work out. I'll lock and load those dates the closer we get to "go time". For now, I'm saying a tentative December release. And please don't go jotting December 1st on your calenders.

My online time will now be sporadic. I'm really referring to Facebook, but I'm going to make a concerted effort to be visible. I don't like to disconnect from my readers, but I have GOT to finish this round of editing so I can start one more before it goes to the betas. I have about three weeks worked out in my head and that is crazy to me, because I'm meticulous with my editing. These are the pre-edits that occur after the revisions are over, where I'm now fine-tuning sentences and making corrections.

I've been working from 6am until around 9pm. I have a few breaks between so the madness doesn't seep in, and last night I devoted several hours to television and edits on another novel to retain my sanity. Today I watched an hour of Dr. Phil and I think that might have contributed to my insanity.

I'm even sitting here in my chair with earplugs. There's no sound except the air conditioner, and even that's distracting. It's a preventative measure since yesterday, the weed-whackers were in full force. I like to hear my thoughts. I need to hear the character's voices in my head. I don't play music because the tone and words bleed into the writing. Some authors feed off that, but I like my story to be pure, and not have a scene play out a certain way because I was listening to that Nickelback song on Sunday.

I'm still very much engaged in Mageri 5, so much so that when I hit certain scenes, I'm literally laughing out loud, gasping, feeling my heart race, stepping away from the computer and pacing; and enjoying the scenes as I intended to write them. That's how involved I get with my story, and that's how it went for the last books.

So, here's some music I've added to my playlist on Youtube. I think this is going to let you play all the songs, but honestly, Youtube confuses me sometimes. Once the video begins, you can pull down my playlist on the upper left corner and scroll through the songs.

See you on the Dark side.

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