Sunday, July 7, 2013


Many readers are offered "incentives" for writing a review. It works, which is a great thing. Readers have something to gain while in return, help the author get noticed among a broader audience.

While this has been tempting, I'd like to think you guys will be inspired enough by the story and writing to actually *want* to post a review for any book without perks. Proactive vs reactive. I think we should change that mode of thinking and in the longrun, it benefits everyone. So yeah, I'm taking it to the streets. :-)

Never done it before? SO EASY. You find the product, scroll below the reviews and click on WRITE A REVIEW. It only has to be 20 words.

I receive a flood of emails and PM's on a daily basis from readers who are currently reading (or have read) the series and are loving it. Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know because it means a lot to receive that kind of feedback!! I hope you'll feel a little brave about posting a review on Amazon. Reviews aren't meant to be a breakdown of the plot; they are your opinions.

And your opinions count.

While I expect many may disregard the importance of online reviews, it matters more than it used to. If I walk into a bookstore, I don't rely on a customer walking by to tell me what they thought of the book I'm holding, or to make a recommendation. I browse, touch, smell, crack open the pages, read, stare at the pictures, and hold it for thirty minutes while walking around before I purchase. Ebooks are sooo different. Reviews matter because it's often the first thing a customer will look at. Visibility in the rankings matter because without them, the books are not seen. Authors hope their fans are inspired and fired up to write a review because it's going to help others with making the decision to buy the book. For Indies this is extremely important because we don't have publishers giving us front store displays or marketing our books through ads that aren't available to Indies. Ideally, I'd like to keep writing and publishing full time. That's the goal because I have loved writing since I was twelve and want to keep producing this reservoir of stories I have bottled up. 

I've been extremely fortunate with having an awesome group of Mageri fans who aren't afraid to wave their flags and show their love. Some avidly post reviews, others share my posts or announcements, and some spread the word and loan out my books. Love. Love. Love. 

What readers may find happening within the indie community is how much time indie authors spend in social networking. We lurve you guys and will response to your messages, questions, and become more than just a face plastered on the back of a book jacket. I think that's one reason readers have found the indie community to be so vibrant and engaging, not to mention the discounted books and amazing stories you would otherwise never read.

There's a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes, a lot of expenses, a lot of headaches, and a lot of 2am hair-pulling 'wtf am I doing up so late' ramblings as I continue typing out just one more chapter. lol
But I love being a writer. I love being Indie.

Have a great week! <3

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