Monday, June 24, 2013

Writing Maniac

Technically, today was my day off. But I spent several hours writing the first chapter of the third book in the Seven Series.

So I feel a Flashdance moment coming on where someone needs to splash me with water. I managed to write about 5800 words on the new novel. Not bad for four hours worth of work!

I finished up the first revision of Six Months (Seven Years is currently with my editor), and I suddenly had a bit of a character brainstorm for Five Weeks. I decided to start writing down the ideas and the next thing I knew, I had a chapter. I've already begun hatching plots and scheming scenes for later in the book, and the characters took control and demanded to be written. I love when that happens. There's nothing worse than beginning a book with a nebulous idea that requires a lot of stumbling through before you begin to see the light. Sometimes those books end up in a trunk.

A lot of it has to do with the tone of this book; each one in the series will differ based on the story and characters.

Giving birth to a character is a fantastically fun process. That is essentially what it is. I have a general idea of who I think they are, and once I let them loose on the pages, they end up saying and doing things that surprise even me.

I have a lot of planning to do this summer. One of which involves the design of the final Mageri book cover. It doesn't hurt to have a few mock-ups, and no, I don't have a title yet. I suppose like each book, that will come in time. I like the story to be written first and then I draw inspiration from it. Aside from the Mageri Cover, there is yet another daunting task to address, and that's the conceptual design of the Seven Series covers. Aside from designing each of them one at a time, I want to give forethought to a commonality that ties them together. It's been a difficult task with the Mageri Series, so this is something I need to give more consideration to up front, before the release of a series. It will make my job as the designer a lot easier down the road.

Please be sure to add Seven Years to your Goodreads Bookshelf! I'll be adding the rest of the series soon.
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