Friday, June 28, 2013

What 2013 is looking like

I've been thinking a lot about book releases. With going full-time writing, I haven't worked long enough to estimate how much more productive I'm able to be without crossing over into crazy-time hours, which is why I left my last job. I am noticing that I'm able to producer a higher volume and get a little bit more done. Keep in mind, I have no desire to go back to forcing myself to working 19 hours a day, so put the whip away. ;-)

The Seven Series has began to write itself.
Book 1: With the editor
Book 2: Draft complete. In revision stages
Book 3: 20,000 words written in 4 days. :-o

Book 3 is a bag of nuts.

The characters are flying through my head and when you're an author, you have to seize the moment while you're in the creative zone.

What I have to do this year (the no "ifs, ands, or buts" about it):
Mageri 5:
October: Have my writing and revisions completed
October: Submit to beta & Begin working on the cover and title
November: Submit to the editor and proofreader
December: Publish
Please, no tears. It seems far away but for an author with so many things to do beforehand, I'm already stressing about deadlines!

Sooooooo, what's this post all about?

I have been holding my tongue on The Seven Series because I did not want to end up in a writing race. Once you release book 1, people want book 2, and I'm still working on the Mageri book! 

My Goal:

To publish SEVEN YEARS this year.

Whaaaat? I thought you were publishing it this year??

Well, technically I've never given a timeframe, but in my head I thought 2014 would be a better idea. This will require me to come up with not only the cover, but a cover concept for the series, if possible. I'm hoping for a stroke of inspiration that will make it easy. THANK YOU to those who are supporting my endeavors with other books. The Mageri world is part of all my books. Well, except for any non-paranormal I write.

My editor also has a strong crush on the lead of book 1, as do my betas (who have crushes on a few others).

There will be a total of 7 books:

This series focuses on Shifters, according to how they are depicted in the Mageri World. It is written in 1st person UF style with 3rd person POV from the HEA. However, the series itself is written PNR style. Each book will be about a different character, but all the characters are connected. You can bet on having a few new book boyfriends by the time it's all said and done.

If this sounds like something up your alley:
Add it to your Goodreads shelf!

I have plans to publish Urban Fantasy Romances along the lines of Mageri, Paranormal Romances that are richer in the world building, and hopefully a contemporary romance that was stuffed in my files a while back because I lacked time. My goal is to be able to write something for everyone.

Thank you to those who are supporting the Seven Series without an inkling of what it's about. I love you!! It can be very difficult to get a new series kicked off without comparing it to a popular series, so I really appreciate the support from readers who are excited to try something fresh and new, and I'll keep everyone in the loop as decisions are finalized.

How I'm going to pull this off remains to be seen. Lots of hard work and planning ahead.

Thanks for your patience ;-)

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  1. :) Nice NPH and G&R.
    As a fangirl of the Mageri series, patience is a virtue. Can't rush your favorite authors to publish books. If you do then they get crappy and readers get sad. Don't rush yourself. Let the creative juices flow when they flow!