Thursday, June 6, 2013

Proofing Gravity

Designing a paperback cover yourself is a detailed and time-consuming job. Aside from learning the ins and outs of your editing software, there's the exciting journey of formatting requirements. My first proof of GRAVITY needed a few touchups, but when the second one came, I realized the alignment on the back was off. This meant ordering a third. I'm probably going to end up with about 4-5 proofs, because I decided to add in some text toward the bottom.

I don't mind. I'm still on target for a June release; it's just a matter of fine-tuning the approved copy to meet my satisfaction. But I feel a bit like Justus in the pic below - frustrated as hell.

Wish I could throw a few sparks of lightning from my fingertips.

For those who peruse my blog, I've added a status update for where I am with Mageri Book 5. I'm also working on edits for another book, but MB5 is my lead project, so I want you guys to know I'm actually keeping busy! The first draft is always the toughest. Now, with a new book, not so much. But when you are knee-deep into a series and have a lot of intricate plot details to work out, yeah, it doesn't write itself. There are times I have to step back and pause to connect the dots. Heading out in my car helps the thought process, and I still take notes at red lights. I have the main plot points mapped out, but it's getting from A to B to C to D that is writing on the fly. Along the way, I've made a few discoveries, and that's the fun part.

The full-time gig is working out so far. Does it mean I'm going to crank out 10 books a year? Probably not. I may work at a faster pace now, but I won't know until a year passes how my production will look. The revisions, beta reads, and editors still take time. But I have been able to spend MORE time on my side projects, and I really think that's going to make a huge difference as the year moves forward.

Now I have time to catch up on things like watching TV, and figuring out what's so hot about Sons of Anarchy. I don't have cable, but decided to get a Roku box and a cheap subscription to Netflix or something.

More than anything, I'm SO excited to work on other non-Mageri projects, and hope readers are anxious to try something new without comparing it to previous work. They each stand alone as stories that will appeal to readers for different reasons. Some are lighter, more romantic, sexier, more action-packed, or even as (if not more) complex than the Mageri series storyline. I tend to mix Urban Fantasy and PNR, and you already know my writing style. I have written third person only books (Closer is an example) and those are a challenge. But I like mixing it up and giving the POV that works for the story at hand.

So, it's raining today, and I decided to blow off work for the afternoon. Cause I'm my own boss now, and I can do that. But after I clear my head, I'll be working through the night. I'm trying to hit 3-5K words per day, with some days going higher, that way I can reach my goal by the end of the month.

Then I had a niggling thought in my head today. What the heck am I going to title Book 5?

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  1. These covers look amazing! Designing a cover is always hard work! I know it takes me ages too, with tweaks and all. Good luck :)