Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I build, therefore I am.

Yesterday, I purchased a cube bookcase. It came with a small bag of screws, pins, and more screws. (I used the phrase "screw it" several times during this project) While it didn't seem heavy in the store, I had to open the box (after dragging it to my door) and take the pieces upstairs one at a time.

Assembly took about two hours. Simon rather likes that there was a lot of screwing going on, and I couldn't help but wonder what happened to the good ol' days when furniture came already assembled?

Afterward, I polished her up and I'm quite proud of the end result. It fits perfect in a little nook area and the sole purpose is to house all my book-related items that were beginning to take over every room. It's not a big shelf, so hopefully I won't have to continue adding to it. I decorated the top shelf as a tribute to Silver and Justus (candles and lamp..ha).

The center image is a necklace hung from the silver lamp. In the lower pic, I'll be moving the Cheetah off the shelf since I want it to look nice, but thought he looked funny curled up next to silver (the lamp).

Other than that tedious project, I'm still working on the first draft of MB5 (Check my blog page for current status). It's going well, albeit the first draft is a detailed process. I'm anxious to hit the last page and begin revisions and edits. :-)

I'm sitting here rubbing my eyes wondering how in the heck it became Wednesday already. Bueller? Anyone?

Happy reading!

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