Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gravity in Paperback!

I realized I'd announced it everywhere else but my own blog. Good job, self.

When a choice is made, it will forever alter the course of our destiny. It cannot be undone, for fate is a river changing direction and carving away the bed of our hearts like everlasting fractures.

A turbulent past has left Silver a broken woman, but she is learning to trust again through Logan Cross, a Chitah who has convinced her that a dangerous man can change. Their bond will be put to the ultimate test when an old nemesis reappears and flips her world upside down. Will Logan be able to tame the animal within, or will he succumb to his impulsive nature?

The ongoing investigation into Breed experiments unveils a shocking secret about Silver's past. Standing at a fork in the road, Silver is forced to make a decision. Each comes with a consequence, and there is no turning back.

I've updated a few links on my left hand sidebar to include a couple of character guest posts from the blog tour for Gravity. You'll want to see Logan and Christian's post.
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And here's a fun little image I posted to reveal the SEVEN SERIES. 
SEVEN YEARS is currently with the editor, and I'm working on revisions for SIX MONTHS as my side project. My priority right now is Mageri Book 5.

I know you must be thinking, "Dannika, Dannika. Why don't you follow the rule that other authors use in making your series repeat the same word or other theme?"
Well, because there is no rule. I think publishers like to tie a series together with the "same word", but I personally can never remember the title of each book in retrospect and what order they came in. I'm not sure why, but if the titles stand apart in a series or trilogy, they seem easier for me to recall.

I have a lot of fun coming up with the title scheme for the SEVEN SERIES, and to be honest, once I named the first book, it clicked. It seemed so easy, and the title will tie in to each story. I hope you'll enjoy these, and I have another series I'm looking at working next year to get ready for publication.

Busy, busy!

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