Monday, May 6, 2013

Seven Years Update

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I'm in the last stages of editing and will be handing it to the editor next month. Release date is unknown, however I have completed the first draft of the sequel. Yay! It's a great book that could even stand-alone, but I had an interest in going a little further into these character's lives.

I have no synopsis at this time, but this book revolves around Shifters according to the Mageri world.I think you'll be surprised at some of the developments in the book as there is a twist or two. It is not dark urban fantasy as the Mageri Series is, but it takes place in the same world and has everything from humor, drama, action, and romance.

My betas have already developed crushes on not just the lead, but a couple of side characters. The protagonist is loveable, smart, witty, and fiercely protective of family.

Here were some beta reader comments (I tried to extract the fun ones):

As always, a dynamite ending.  So many books I read it seems the author can tell a great story but just don’t know how to end it.  Love your endings. was it HOT! 
^^not going to elaborate on what this is referring to ;-)

I hope that this book turns into a series because I REALLY REALLY want to get to know the Cole brothers better. I just wish they existed in real life because I would definitely give a few of them a shot. 

I really enjoyed reading and rereading this book. It was refreshing to read a new set of characters and loving them when I was already in love with your other stars.

^^ I loved the all caps on that last comment


So I hope you all decide to add this to your reading list and give a new cast of characters a chance to shine. I think if you love the Mageri Series, then part of that is because you love the world. My books all take place in this world and you'll have the chance to not only meet new characters, but learn more about other Breeds, which is really cool.

I have one up my sleeve which I have not revealed in my books. They will not be mentioned until that series is released. So hold onto your hats because there's more to come.

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  1. It is sad, but your characters are my best friends. The more the merrier is all I can say. Your writing style brings such life to your characters and we as readers feel as if they are jumping off the pages to converse with us.