Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Well, I put out the offer in the Mageri Discussion Forum on Facebook that if readers had any questions (that weren't about future books or speculative plot questions), I would answer. So this is basically a reader interview! I love this because these are avid readers of the Mageri Series and the questions asked are creative and might be something you've been wondering.

Q: When the old Relic came about, she knew it right away Justus was a charmer. Was it because of her family knowledge that she could tell and Page couldn't?

A: Page has one of those unexplained natural immunities to Justus. Most other women do not, and that includes the old Relic. Even blindfolded, she could sense that Charmer energy in the air. It's not the sight of Justus that draws women to him, but the energy he puts out. She's a seasoned Relic who has been around the block a few times and knows about some of their gifts. :)

 Q: Do you have 'deleted scene's' from the books that you might share with us after the full series has been published?

A: That's a possibility, although the scenes are likely in rough draft form and unedited. There are two that stand out: one is the shower scene that went another way, and another is a scene with Silver & Christian that was completely extracted from the book. Most scenes remained in the book, but were lightly or heavily modified.

Q: Will we get to know more about Simon in the last book or could his story be the Novella you talked about ?

 A: There were a lot of Simon questions! In each book, we get to know some of the characters a little more, but it is hard to put a spotlight on every single character in each book without making the story convoluted. I've mentioned before that I wish I could have each character given their time. As for Simon and whether we'll learn more about him, I would like to say yes. I don't know that it will happen in the next book. Simon has a story, it's in my head, and the cat is out of the bag. (mee-ow) If there is a post-Mageri novella that I've been mentioning, it will be Simon's book. It will be considered either a novella, or a spinoff "stand-alone". I do not want to commit to this as I'm still in the throes of writing MB5, so we'll see how this plays out.  I'll be sure that in some form or fashion, Simon get's his story. He's already taken up two pages of my notes, but like I said, I'm still writing MB5.

Q: How did mage/chitah/sensors etc come to be? i have a feeling mage history was touched on (how they first started) ...was it in sterling? but it'd be good to know where the other breeds came from.

A: Really good questions, and not one I have the answer for. It is mentioned that there are often genetic leaps, and sometimes they thrive if they can procreate or transfer their abilities, while other times they die out. I didn't focus so much on the origin of things, because we can see in this series is goes back over thousands of years. One has to wonder how man began? There's still an ongoing debate on that, so in some ways, I like a little mystery in the books.

Q: Page said that Slater was an expert in extinct breeds. Will any of your books cover some of these Breeds?

AIt's possible, but would have to be relevant to the story (unless I write a book that takes place in a previous time). I haven't written any books that discuss "extinct" Breeds, however I have written books that focus on one specific Breed not yet mentioned in the Mageri series. ;-)

Q: I don't know if this was asked. Why did Sunny decide to see a Relic and not a regular human doctor?

A: Without going into spoilery detail, she's living in the Breed world with Knox now. Relics specialize in more than just certain Breeds, but they're educated and very skilled. Most people want the best doctors, and Relics don't just learn what they know from a textbook, but some of their knowledge is inherited. Most go to human medical schools to be current with today's advances in medicine, but a doctor is a doctor, no matter the Breed.

Q: Why was Page looking at Knox's hat on Logan's head?

A: No reason. Sometimes our eyes drift around and look at objects when we're heavy in thought about something, and it's also a subtle way of reminding readers of why they were all gathered. Some things you can't read into too much detail

 Q: How does it make you feel having us all here day in and day out theorizing, discussing your books, and having such hearty banters over your characters?

A: I absolutely love it! What author wouldn't want to know that their readers not only read their books, but are discussing them months later? Some may never know this is going on, so I feel privileged in knowing that my readers have established places where they enjoy discussing the characters, books, and even building friendships.

Q- Does reading the comments sway you one way or the other as far as the direction you will take the characters?

A: Not really, because if there is a theory thread going on in one of the forums, I typically don't read them in detail, if at all. Not because it will sway me, but I would rather put blinders on and not know that my readers in the majority are 'hoping' for  certain outcome that I know may not be with a plot. It puts doubt in my head that they may like the next book, and I like positive vibes. The series was already written out in full and simply required refining through rewrites. MB5 is the only unwritten book, but I had to move over a bunch of material from Gravity, in addition to a number of storylines that I had detailed notes on. 

I have to admit I've enjoyed stumbling across a comment or two that I knew a person hit the nail on the head, and even one of my beta readers commented to reading the discussions and was dying to see their reaction after the book release. :-)  When I saw a few comments going back to STERLING where Silver nuzzled against Simon, I was like, "Damn, you guys are GOOD!" To be honest, I'd rather not garnish material from readers because you cannot please every reader, and it may not be true to the story. I also do not consult with anyone on their opinion during my writing process. I never have a stuck point with a character and everything within the books are my ideas, so if something doesn't go the way you would have liked, you only have me to blame. LOL Please, don't send emails.

Thank you to all the Mageri fans for collecting these questions! Hope it provided a little insight. :-)


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