Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gravity Aftermath

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support for this book by way of message or reviews. I know how much of a challenge a series can be to keep readers fully engaged, so it was important that I tell emotionally-charged stories that not only centered around Silver, but the other Mageri cast.

Thank you all for being really great about not posting spoilers on my wall, blog, or elsewhere. We don't all read at the same pace, and it gives other readers the chance to experience everything for the first time when they are finally able to make time for the book. :-)

Secondly, writing this book was emotional. I can't express to you how much it was, because I truly love all of my characters and the story often goes its own course. But authors are often too close to our books to be able to predict how readers will react. Until some of the reviews and reactions came in, I didn't know just how touched readers would be.

And that is the best feeling. Not for reasons you might think, but a book should be emotionally gratifying as much as it is intellectually. I weaved real issues into the story, and for some it may be cathartic. It is and has always been a relationship-driven story with a backdrop of paranormal intrigue. It's exciting to be able to balance these out in a way that I don't often read, and while some may find the third-person perspectives jarring, I like to call it "refreshing". It's not done very often in first-person books. I chose this route because I think it adds to the story to be able to know other characters on a deeper level by way of third-person storytelling, and it also allows readers to be privy to things the protagonist is not. I think it also makes the reader savor the scenes with the protagonist a little more. :) I hope that you equally enjoy the sub-storylines as much as the main one.

And thank you to everyone for the tremendous support you've given during this book launch!! Some of you have not yet dug into Gravity due to real-life time constraints, so I hope you enjoy the book when you eventually find time to read it.

For those who are wondering about book five (yes, I've seen your comments! lol), I will be working on it in the coming months with an expected release date of Late 2013. I cannot give any further information than that. Book five is planned to be the final book. I have written out the last words that will be spoken in this series, and like the previous books, the ending has always been important to me.

Now in saying that, I will not rule out a post-Mageri novella. IF this happens (big IF) I will tell you this one thing: it will not be told from Silver's perspective. That's all I can say as I have only the idea in my head, but have not committed to writing it since I need to work on book five. There's a good reason for this, and I think readers might enjoy a little extra Mageri story after it's over.

Keep watching my FB page and blog. I'm still working on the concept for the SEVEN SERIES. I've drafted book two and Seven Years (Book 1) is scheduled to go to the editor next month. I'm not certain when this book will be released, but there is a potential it could be this year. I really wanted to line two books up that are ready to go in order to give myself a breather to work on other projects, but we'll see.

It's Sunday, soo get off the computer! Go curl up with a good book and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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