Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 1

My last day of work was on Friday, but this is my official first day of writing full time. I caught up on a few things over the weekend, but I've tried to spend it relaxing, with family, and shopping. I've already written up a weekly schedule. It's in draft form as I'll need to modify it as time goes by. My early morning hours are now reserved for catching up on social networking, blog posts, marketing, etc.

Writing begins at 7am until lunch. I've decided in order to stay focused, I'm going to shut down all Internet windows. As you know, the Internet can be totally distracting, and I have a lot of work to get done. The good thing is, I'm not a big TV watcher (especially daytime).

Today begins my journey into MB5 (Mageri Book 5, get used to the acronym because I get lazy typing it out). There were a few pieces of Gravity I extracted to be placed in MB5, one of which will be insight to a scene that the reader only saw from one perspective. It's going to shed some light. Major light. Last night I was thinking that some readers may lose their minds at some of the storyline that will unfold in MB5 (I don't mean that in a good or bad way, only that I always have answers and surprises up my sleeve).

I have the basic idea of where I want things to go plotwise, but I don't really outline. I'm going to read through my notes and simply begin writing. The story leads where it wants to. It's kind of exciting to not actually have this book written out, because I had only written up to book 4 and had to carve out some material from there in order to carry it over to book 5, otherwise Gravity would have been too huge.

Will every question be answered? There's no telling, because sometimes readers pluck out the tiniest thing. But I kind of like that. I think to some extent, there should be things left up to the imagination of readers. Will you see these characters again? Mayhap you will, mayhap you won't. Christian was written into another book, and the Overlord appears in another series. I still would like a post-Mageri novella (Although the idea of a novella frightens me because I'm a writer with a lot to say. If it becomes a full sized novel, then it will likely be considered a stand-alone spinoff).

My writing schedule also includes days where I'm not working on the primary project at hand, but secondary projects. That's got me excited, because now I can devote more time to other books I have going on. My current secondary project is "Six Months" (The sequel to "Seven Years", which is with the editor).

Well, 15 more minutes until my workday begins. I need to get breakfast, coffee, and review my notes. Let the games begin.


  1. Good luck on your first day! I believe in you and know that you will be very successful today. I'm looking forward to MB5 and Seven Years. You are by far my favorite author. Thank you so much for writing and creating this realm that I wish I could escape to permanently.
    Your fan,
    Kim Jones

  2. That's awesome. I'm going to be writing full-time this fall and so this give me some great ideas as I'm easily distracted myself. Love your books :)