Thursday, April 11, 2013

Seven Series

I think I've nailed down the image I want in the next Mageri series book at the back, and it will be a little different. It feels right, what more can I say?

I've been working on the sequel to Seven Years and never thought my experience playing laser tag would come in handy (haha). But yeah, there it is. Since I've had a bit of a virus the past few days, I've managed to write about 25,000 words of the sequel. I'll be thrilled if I can finish up the first draft before Gravity is released. And it looks pretty damn good.
With SEVEN YEARS, I had a unique opportunity to tap into my love of classic rock by some references embedded within the book. Bands, song titles, etc. (Can't post lyrics, them's copyrighted!) What you may not know about me is when I was a teenager, I was listening to the current stuff on the radio, but I was heart and soul classic 60's/70's rocker. I not only had snagged my parents record albums of Cat Stephens, Rolling Stones, and ELO, but I was into Floyd, Zeppelin, Skynyrd, Bad Company, and the list goes on (and ON).

Since those days, it's more nostalgic to hear that music, but it reminds me too much of that time to really enjoy it as much. The opportunity I had with this series is that when I wrote The Mageri Series, it was a departure of the familiar. I created a new world, new city, and immersed myself into writing the unfamiliar. With The Seven Series, I slipped back into the familiar, and I got to bring it home and write about things that I know about. Not just the music references, but the lifestyle, nostalgia, badass men with muscle cars and bikes (yeah, I knew 'em), and since it takes place in Austin, I'm able to write about the state I live in. I've still managed to incorporate the Breed world into this city, because as explained in The Mageri Series, Breed are everywhere.

It's paranormal, but I don't even want to label this series because it isn't a stereotypical UF/PNR/UFR. I honestly think those who don't enjoy paranormal will really "Get" this book. It takes place in current day, as no surprise (mentioned on my Facebook page) the focus on this series is Shifters. Each book will immerse you a little deeper into their world - a little darker - a little crazier.

But it will all circle back around. I have a plan for how this is all going to pan out. Didn't think I'd ever be committing myself to a new series while I have other books in line waiting to be drafted out and published, but that's where it is.

When? Don't know. Ideally I'd like 2-3 books ready before I begin publishing, but we'll see. I need to think about how to plan this so I'm not stuck trying to play "catch-up" with a series, because I still want to jump over to some other UF stuff and get it out there. I hope each series brings something new, something fresh, and finds its loyal readers.  XOXO

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