Thursday, April 4, 2013

Indie Covers

Indies got a bad rap for a while for having sub par covers. I have to say after watching some of the covers released by traditional publishers and comparing them to Indies, that we're really knocking it out of the ballpark. Some indies are actually setting the trend, and that's so awesome (thanks to either their mad skills, or that of their cover artist)

I have a group of friends and we love to look at the cover releases. Sometimes I'm disappointed with the low quality of some of the big releases (either choppy editing or some of the images used are stock art). The stock art surprises me, because a publisher should be working with cover artists who get exclusive rights to images or have photo sessions. At least, that's ideal so that your $35 hardcover book doesn't have the same exact model/pose as three dozen other books. Indies don't have many options around that unless they work with a photographer.

But I seriously love not only looking at the cover releases, but just scrolling through the list of bestsellers, and what strikes me is how professional the covers are. Eye-catching and something I would be inclined to buy without even reading the blurb. Sometimes when publishers buy the book rights an Indie sells to them, they revamp the cover, other times they keep it. I love when they keep the original because it's a huge kudos to the cover artist.

Seems like two years ago I'd hear readers touting how they could look at a cover and always spot the self-published books. That may be still true (although i've seen tradpubbed books that I would have never guessed as tradpubbed), but I don't think many can say that now. There are cover artists who are establishing a name for themselves by working with Indie authors. Take a moment to find out who did some of those covers you think rock and show some love their way.

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