Saturday, April 6, 2013

Great news!

It looks like Amazon has rolled out with a new feature that is awesome! I strongly encourage readers to sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Facebook, but newsletters can end up in SPAM folders and my Facebook posts only reach up to 20% of my followers. Pffft

So, here is an alternative and will come in handy for any of your favorite authors.
NOTE: It's a new feature, so you may not actually see it on all author pages yet. It looks like they're just rolling it out so keep checking my author page on Amazon. I don't see it on the UK or other sister sites, but it may be coming.

Most indies don't have the option to pre-order (some do, but it's usually based on sales). Hopefully someday that will change, or we can at least reserve the page for our books and you can be emailed when that title is available.

Go to my Amazon Author Page here:

Click on the link below:

Why am I excited about this? Because it offers readers another alternative to receive notification when a title is released. I'm going to test this out with the release of Gravity, because I'm curious how fast the email will take to deliver.

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