Sunday, April 7, 2013

Book Binge

So here's where it's at:

After working 14 hours yesterday, I finished up the last edits of Gravity (pre-editor). I'd give myself a high five, but that would just look weird. I'm actually wrapped up EARLY! The book isn't due for the edit until later in the month, but even my editor said she might be able to start this week.

What that means for an early release, I do not know. There are always things to do be done. If there's news on that front, I'll blast it all over the Internet.

So what am I doing now? Editing a project? Writing? Hell no. I go through book binges around the time my books are with the editor or betas. Whenever I can get a week or more to free up, I basically go into binge reading, and knocked out two books last night and I'm working on two today. Strangely, not all authors are avid readers, and might be able to list books they've read on their hands. That's not me.

When I'm writing, I cannot read. I do not want anything to influence my writing, and I also want to have a pure story that gains all of my focus. (If I didn't have that pesky day job, I could schedule out reading days to work around this problem).  Sometimes I'll start a book but not finish, and i HATE THAT!!

Now I'm playing some major catch-up. I'm trying to finish up a series I committed to starting, and a few books here and there. I really want to avoid paranormal for the moment because I've been saturated in it with my own writing, and it's refreshing to walk into a story that doesn't have all of those elements (Like a book vacation).

Sadly, there are some series books I've also committed to ending. I reached a book in the series that was my limit. Some of those books have had recent releases and despite their success, I'm usually pretty firm with that kind of thing. Typically this only happens after 8+ UF sometimes earlier if I feel like I'm on a merry-go-round and I'm not seeing a destination. PNR I can go higher simply because each book has a different story and it keeps it fresh.

I need to map out a schedule of when I'm going to begin Mageri book 5. Once I do, that'll be it. All projects kicked to the curb and full steam ahead. So I've been cautious about starting too early. I really want to knock out the "Seven Years" sequel.

So far, beta response on "Seven Years" has been one of excitement, and repeated use of the word 'love'. Always a good feeling when writing a fresh new story with a different cast of characters.

I may not know what the cover for "Seven Years" will be like (or it's publication timeframe..snort) but, I know exactly what image I'm putting on the back page. Crazy, huh? Maybe that's my thing, and don't ask me why I started doing it. But I love having that last page image to tie it all up and leave the reader with a visual.

Hope you do too.

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  1. I go on book binges too :-) Love that you called it that. It's the best kind of binge; feeds your imagination at zero calories :-)